Why study Biology?

Biology is both a fascinating and challenging subject. It is the study of plants, animals, human beings and how they interact together. Biology affects everyone and aims to find solutions to many of the world’s problems. Biology — the study of living organisms — plays a crucial role in our everyday existence, and is an increasingly important subject in the modern world. Advances in technologies have made this varied subject more exciting and relevant than ever.

The Course develops scientific understanding of biological issues and aims to generate enthusiasm for biology by developing learners’ interests through a variety of approaches to learning, with an emphasis on practical activities. The Course will be of value to those wishing to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of biology.

The Course is a broad and up-to-date selection of concepts and ideas relevant to the central position of life science within our society. The Course covers major areas of biology, and the scale of topics ranges from molecular to whole organism and up to ecosystems. In addition, to increase the relevance of the Course, within each Unit the most relevant applications of biological understanding are highlighted. The Course allows flexibility and personalisation by offering choice in the contexts studied. Skills will be developed in each of the Units in the context of discrete areas of content.

The Course aims to:

  • develop scientific and analytical thinking skills in a biological context
  • develop understanding of biological issues
  • acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of biological concepts
  • develop understanding of relevant applications of biology in society