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Caroline Breyley and I have been asked to host a Glow Meet for CPD Stepin on an Introduction to Glow.  CPD Stepin is a support group for supply teachers which offers them access to CPD, help and advice.  Caroline and I decided that the best way to introduce new users to Glow was to let them know about all the amazing resources they could access through it.  I have created a presentation of Screen shots which demonstrates a large number these resources.

This has actually been a very valuable activity for me to do as it has reminded me just what is there and helped me discover some new resources.  This presentation is also going to help me as I am visiting the first ever school I taught in next week to tell them all about Glow, plus I have arranged a series of ICTworkshops for the staff in my cluster group the first of which is Glow Basics.

You can view my presentation below please feel free to download and share.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="370" allowfullscreen="true" /]

3 thoughts on “Glow Basics”

  1. Hi. Nice presentation, thanks! It’s always interesting to see what teachers see, as we at Scran only have limited access to Glow, and can only access certain parts of the system. Good to see Scran and all the other resources available to teachers so clearly explained.

    Andrew James (education officer)

  2. Thanks Andrew. I’ve been using Scran for several years now. I love the way it’s set out now for teachers, it’s so much easier to find the resources you need.

  3. Hello Olivia,

    Another, Scran education officer here. Just thought I would mention that I’ve been doing quite a lot of Scran CPD throughout Fife, if you would like to join in or arrange a specific session for Wellwood, we’d be more than happy to see you.

    Jackie Sangster

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