Facebook – How can we keep our pupils safe?

This morning I decided that I would check what information was available for everyone to view on the Facebook profiles of the pupils in my class.  I did it back in February when we had a Safer Internet Day and a lot of them reset their privacy settings and changed their profile pictures so they couldn’t be identified.  Unfortunately when I checked this morning only 2 out of the 12 who have facebook accounts still had this.  I therefore decided to look on the CEOP run thinkuknow website to see if they had any resources I could use that would demonstrate the dangers of sharing too much personal information online.   If you haven’t already, it is really worthwhile registering with the site so that you can download the resources.  They have resources available for all ages and the one I decided to use was the film Jigsaw for Key Stage 2.  At the beginning the film shows the main character posting the same kinds of information that a lot of children post online without thinking about it, in the real world.  The children are then shown the dangers that this can pose and who they can ask for help.  The film had a real impact with all of the children in my class as they realised with shock just how much of this information they themselves had allowed to become public.  As a result they are all now resetting their privacy settings and changing their profile pictures. Objective achieved.

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