About IWBS

About the Inclusion and Wellbeing Service

Falkirk Council’s Inclusion and Wellbeing Service includes primary specialist provision, secondary specialist provision and an outreach service. The service supports children, young people aged 3-18 years old as well as their families and ensures provision for children and families experiencing Social, Emotional and/or Behavioural Needs (SEBN). It is a Falkirk Council based, multi-professional education team, which provides small group education, family support and community based learning for pupils of nursery, primary and secondary age who are experiencing levels needs which affects their ability to access mainstream provision. The service works in partnership with Falkirk’s wider Additional Support Needs (ASN) services and forms part of the Local Authority Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Team .

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service continually strives to provide the highest level of support to pupils. We offer a wide range of exciting learning opportunities and supports to re-engage their children, young people and families in education to improve their long term outcomes, while strengthening their links to their communities.

Referrals to all supports provided by the Service come though Falkirk Council’s Placement Change Panel. Pupils are referred through their mainstream school in agreement with parents, other professionals and taking account of the views of the child.

Vision Statement

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service is committed to being reflective and responsive to meet the changing needs of the children and young people in Falkirk Council. Our aim is to become a centre of excellence, working with all our partners to plan for and achieve positive outcomes for all of our children, young people and their families.


The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service fully endorses the view of the inextricable link between positive relationships, behaviour and the provision of high quality learning and teaching experiences. We believe it is essential to value each child and young person as an individual with their own strengths and development needs. We recognise that children and young people bring with them different abilities, experiences. family circumstances and that creating a safe, secure environment with a positive ethos will foster good relationships and positive engagement within our community.

“Learning Communities across early years, primary, secondary and special sectors which focus on social and emotional wellbeing and creating a positive school ethos based on mutual respect and trust are having the most positive impact”

Better Relationships, Better Learning, Better Behaviour
Scottish Government, 2013