Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport

Tokyo Olympics Resources

GetSet are having a competition to design the Team GB Olympic and Paralympic mascots. The competition has two age groups: 5-11 years and 11-16 years. Entries are due by the 31st May 2020, more information is available on their website here:,1L1OB,3OX1UI,5DAPD,1

GetSet have also produced resources for home learning around the Olympic games:


Welcome to Falkirk’s Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport page

In Falkirk, Physical Education is delivered through a cluster approach. Secondary PE departments deliver one hour per week to all primary pupils, with the second hour of the entitlement being provided by the class teacher. Our schools work closely with the Active Schools team who are managed within Falkirk Community Trust. Schools in Falkirk work hard to provide a rich programme of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for young people with our partners. Active Schools and Sports Development help our young people to make links into local clubs to extend the opportunities available to them.