Harnessing Hygge in the Early Years

Hi everyone, my name is Paula Buist and I’m the SEYO at Stenhousemuir Primary. I’m really happy to have been asked to share some information about my current practitioner inquiry ‘Hygge in the Early Years’ with you and hope you can all find your own little bit of Hygge.

For those of you not yet familiar with Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) it’s a Danish word to describe a feeling of contentment, cosiness connectedness, kinship, security, warmth and comfort. It’s about finding the joy in your everyday life and routines and living in the moment.

My Hygge journey began after completing the Wanderlust: Nature Study and gaining my accreditation. I wanted to harness all of those lovely feelings and bring them to the life of our setting.

Hygge compliments all aspects of current early year’s expectations beautifully. By focusing on the moment we are able to effectively plan in the moment. Hygge nature infused learning spaces, outdoor exploration and the importance of connecting with nature links perfectly with the value Froebel placed on the outdoors as a powerful learning environment. By adopting a nurturing approach to practice and a listening pedagogy we are able to tune into what our children truly need and deserve. Hygge is going home at the end of even our toughest days knowing that we have made a difference.

To find out more visit our new practitioner page on twitter at:
Sten ELC Practitoner Page



We created a little Hyggekrog (Huegahkrug) for our children to access when they needed some quiet time away   from the busy nursery environment. Hygge is all about enveloping yourself in warmth and comfort so this space works really well in our setting.






As I completed each model of the Nature Study course I unlocked badges to show my progression and ironed them onto a chef’s apron. Our children love looking at these and discussing what each one if for.






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