Family Songs at Home

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Let’s get creative and sing into Spring with a wonderful traditional nursery rhyme, our YMI tutor Laura sings “Humpty Dumpty”. Our speech and language therapy friend Evelyn shares the Makaton signs. Some children may want to make a Humpty Dumpty and build a wall or act out the rhyme through play.

Shhhhhh our next song is a favourite of many children Claire our YMI tutor sings “Sleeping Bunnies”. Children may wish to be a bunny and curl up and go to sleep…could an adult sing to you and then you wake up and start hopping, jumping, skipping etc. Maybe the children would like to sing it to their family, teddy or dolly. Have fun singing, sleeping and moving together.

Thank you to YMI tutors Cameron, Gareth and Pat for playing the musical instruments to accompany the songs and making the video to share.

We have a lovely little version to share of “Bubble Bee” this is a favourite little rhyme with many of our ELC settings. It’s never too early to start singing with babies. Look how (YMI) Susanne’s baby responds to the words. Songs are also a wonderful way to sooth and comfort babies and young children.

Can we please all promote this sway in ways which adhere to guidance (therefore not in large groups indoors) and provide lots of provocations for children to sing during play and particularly outdoors to support the many benefits singing, rhymes and movement experiences have for children. Can we also be very mindful of the importance of singing as a means to comfort our young children and this is something we can continue to do.

Use this link to access our seventh Family Songs at Home sway-

Please send the link to your families to join in at home.

If families wish to share photographs and videos of them taking part in the Sing at Home songs that would be lovely as we are hoping to collate these as examples to share on our Falkirk Froebel approaches to literacy blog, we would love to show the singing happening at home #FabFalkirkFamilies.

You can share these with us on twitter by tagging @FalkirkFroebel and using the #SingatHomeFC

We would love if you can join in!!


Gratitude to all for making: Family Songs at Home possible. And to all the #FabFalkirkFolk helping to spread the joy and benefits that singing, rhymes and movement brings to children and families.


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