Falkirk Froebel Festival and  Froebel Gatherings

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Falkirk Froebel Gatherings 2020-21

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Our Falkirk Froebel Family Festival October 2019

A wonderful Falkirk Froebel Festival took place on 8thOctober 2019. Where we had a thought provoking, collaborative and informal afternoon in the company of 100 passionate practitioners. We were honoured to be joined by our Keynote presenters: Dr Lynn McNair, OBE, Head of Cowgate Under Fives Centre and Senior Teaching Fellow at University of Edinburgh and Catriona Gill Head Teacher of Greengables Nursery School and Family Centre and tutor at the University of Edinburgh, Froebel in Childhood Practice Course. A celebration where we collaborated together with Edinburgh Froebel Network, Inverclyde Froebel Network, Froebel in West Lothian and a number of our Falkirk Educators sharing our learning with others through presentations and market style stalls. It was also a time to reflect on our Falkirk Froebel Story and launch our Falkirk Froebel Family Lily; a symbolic representation of what Froebel means to us in Falkirk.

Our Froebel Presentations:


Donna Green: Our Falkirk Story.                                   Lynne Morrison: Sewing and Weaving
Falkirk Council                                                                                                      West Lothian

Gemma Patterson: A Froebelian Pedagogy.       Ailie Rankin: From Kelly Street to Glenpark
Falkirk Council                                                               Inverclyde



Diane Russell: Clay Supporting learning              Gayle Robertson: Living with our families through a Froebelian Approach                                 Falkirk Council                                                                         Falkirk Council

Keynote Presenters:


Dr Lynn McNair: What do Child – Centred       Catriona Gill: A Froebelian Approach to Literacy
Practices and Spaces look like and
why bother.

Our Froebel Marketplace: 



Our Froebel Gifting:



The Falkirk Froebel Story (October 2019)

Dear Froebel family and friends,

Once upon a time a group of knowledgeable educators who lived a life inspired by Friedrich Froebel came to Falkirk,

To think there were doubts of how beneficial Froebel training would be,

As soon as it began, we could clearly see.

Although… this then turned to regret,

How didn’t we know……

Thoughts turned to…how have we not learned this a long time ago!

A number of our educators listened, reflected, learned and challenged their thinking.

Some thought we were delivering a child led approach,

Contrived in a system.

It wasn’t deliberate as we worked very hard,

But interpreting guidance used to be hard.

The Froebelians passion transferred in a welcoming way,

Teaching us Froebel in the most wonderful way.

Creating dialogue, planting seeds.

Making purposeful connections with past and present,

Inciting deep thinking to debate and discuss.

Dialogue running deeper than inspiration.

The connections we made taught us to be brave.

At times it changed our mind set,

Invited us to challenge our thinking in a meaningful way.

That’s when discovering the true value of principles,

“Living and staying true”

Was the key to success,

A shared vision approach is how we implement best.

To discover his gifts and occupations was such a delight,

Learning empowering our children,

We felt… we are getting it right!

The value of Froebel has true meaning for our children…whom all this is for.

It is not a method nor a fad.

It’s a philosophy,

An approach where we all can connect.

It not only brings deep learning and engagement in meaningful ways…. but brings kindness, joy, love and respect.

Reminding us all of everyone’s importance,

And learning not only with our minds,

But entwined with our hearts,

Can truly make a difference.

So, digging deep I want to conclude of the gratitude to all for our story so far,

Looking forward to our next chapter evolving,

As we further develop and grow…. always learning….in unity….is the way to go.

With love,

Donna 💕X