Forthcoming Attractions

Here we go; a new year beginning and lots to look forward to, including going to see Black Sabbath in a few weeks at the SECC Hydro!  Its easy to feel down in January, the weather isn’t great, the days are short and the nights are long.  Christmas and all the excitement is past and the bills are due to arrive but we are all rested and reinvigorated and frankly, if the holidays went on very much longer I might not be able to fit back into my suits.

There is such a feeling of potential in the school just now.  We are making strides with the School Improvement Plan and the Curriculum Rationale that I have spoken about previously is taking shape.  We have undertaken consultation with staff and families about what is important and I wrote about  the feedback from the recent survey on the link below

Mrs Buchanan and the Pupil Council met on Friday afternoon to discuss playground improvements.  They were also thinking about ways to seek the views of the rest of the pupils about what they want from the school.  Once we have that information we will have most of the relevant information to build an effective rationale.

Miss Benson and Miss Wilson have finished the interviews for the Digital Leader team

We are really excited to see how this new team develops over the rest of the year and the impact they have on learning in our school.  The Eco group are in place and we are waiting to have our new Green Flag award placed on the flagpole at the front of the school so look out for photos of that coming soon hopefully.  There is also a selection of signage on order to make visiting our school a little easier as well as a few planned improvements for the school building although this is likely to be after Easter before they are in place. There are loads of other pieces of work going on in school that are sustaining  a really positive ethos and as our communication channels continue to develop we shall  share as many of them as we can.

Many of our classes are now sharing lots of their work through the ClassDojo app and we would really encourage you to sign up to this to find out about what your child is learning. Invitations will be sent out again to families who haven’t signed up yet.  Our new text messaging service is bedding in well and we will soon be using the email service to send newsletters directly to families without the environmental impact of using paper newsletters and  we are continuing to develop the website including links to useful websites to support home learning.

This is just a little taste of what is still to come over the rest of the year without even mentioning the next learning breakfasts, whole school focus events, next round of wonderful week of learning jotters and a range of worthwhile, challenging and exciting learning in every one of our classes.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your very upbeat welcome to the New Year. The survey results were interesting too, and I’ll look forward to seeing/hearing about the curriculum rationale in June. It sounds as though there’s lots of exciting stuff going on in school. Thank you.

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