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Falkirk Quality Assurance and Moderation – Key Messages CLPL 27.11.17

It is hoped that a representative from each Falkirk school/centre will attend this session which will cover the key messages on moderation and provide an opportunity to be guided through the materials on the Moderation Hub.  The attendee can be at any level, however, following the session there would be an expectation that the attendee would distribute the information/key messages in their own school/centre.  Sign up through CPD manager, course reference LB117.

10 Questions for Mathematics Teachers

This report delves into topics such as, “How much should I encourage my students to be responsible for their own learning in mathematics?” or “As a mathematics teacher, how important is the relationship I have with my students?”. It gives teachers timely and relevant data and analyses that can help them reflect on their teaching strategies and how students learn.

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