Recovery planning and beyond

I had a query from a school last week looking for numeracy diagnostic assessments, intervention programmes, CLPL and any further numeracy support to assist during this term of recovery and beyond.

So I’ve put a few bits and pieces together that I consider to be good practice and good resources.

  • Our own Falkirk Council Pressure points can be used to assess children and take the form of flash cards.  The numeracy strategy also gives some ideas for numeracy support.  All of this can be accessed here through glow.
  • Education Scotland Numeracy Professional Learning resources can be found here.
  • This link takes you to videos for CLPL that the RIC Numeracy lead and PTs created.
  • The Maths Factor is offering a free times table check just now which is fun and interactive as well as good.
  • If practitioners create an account for  (it’s free) there is a section called the toolkit which has a videos and archives part to it.  Within this is a a lot of videos that can be used by practitioners for CLPL on mathematics; you just have to scroll through to find them.
  • I’d also suggest looking at youcubed for resources and CLPL.  A lot of this is free also.  Good resources here to challenge students in the “week of inspirational maths” stuff.
  • This site (national centre for excellence in teaching mathematics) is also a great source of materials and CLPL.
  • I’d also recommend  Again they have resources and CLPL and some of this if free.
  • This book is a resource for learning and teaching for young children using a rekenrek and has a series of lessons to follow.  Using this can quickly show what early level children (and indeed first level children) have difficulty with in early number.
  • Using this site gives you the rekenrek digitally (so could use on whiteboard) and if you scroll down on the page you’ll see the books that are free to download that go with it (includes an activity book for the students).
  • I see maths has some free resources that helps make learning visible.
  • Thinking about blended learning as part of recovery planning and contingency plans then take a look at this webinar from Graham Fletcher.  In it he discusses how he taught maths and engaged with his students during lockdown. Great CLPL.
  • Graham Fletcher also has his own web page and is worth a look for other learning and teaching ideas.

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