Mysterious Medieval Death Investigated at Moray PS!

20150206_084051crime scene

Primary 5S at Moray PS have been investigating the historic and mysterious death of King Alexander III of Scotland with their teacher Rebecca Spalding.

They are using Falkirk’s Scottish Wars of Independence storyline to help them develop an understanding of the history and culture of Scotland, and an appreciation of their local and national heritage within the world. Click here to view this storyline, which builds effective interdisciplinary learning linking social studies, literacy and expressive arts.

Rebecca’s pupils are extremely engaged in the lessons and is pleased that the storyline plan allows her pupils to lead the learning and contribute fantastic ideas. On the left is a photo showing how Rebecca presented her class with the storyline “initiating event” to kick start their learning through storyline by recreating the discovery of King Alexander’s body at the foot of cliffs near Kinghorn. Her pupils have created applications to be the new king, and decided that they needed a class Queen. They have developed their research and debating skills while exploring what really happened following the death of the king.

Falkirk schools can access a range of storylines linked to popular interdisciplinary contexts here in Glow (you will need your Glow log in to access). Each storyline plan is available there with the resources needed to deliver the whole unit. The Scottish Wars of Independence storyline uses letters  – click here and here to view two examples showing how these direct the learning. Primary 5 at Moray PS are very engaged with the story so far, and are thoroughly enjoying learning all about the Scottish Wars of Independence.



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