Laura Baird

  • Provide guidance and support for probationer teachers working towards the Standard for Full Registration
  • Work in partnership with schools to monitor, evaluate and discuss probationer progress through observation of teaching and coaching/ mentoring meetings
  • Work in partnership with schools and Authority partners to oversee the development, implementation and review of the Probationer Teachers’ action plan and GTCS profile
  • Co-ordinate and manage the Probationer’s professional development programme through an authority CPD programme
  • Attend, when required, GTCS Professional Standards Panels


  • Co-ordinate Education Services’ Central Professional Learning Programme
  • Co-ordinate new Employee Review and Development scheme
  • Organise Education Services’ multi-level Leadership Development Programme
  • Provide strategic leadership of Probationer Support as Induction Manager for Falkirk Council
  • Represent Falkirk Council on Central Scotland Partnership and SQH Western Consortium Steering Groups

Click here to see the Glow Group for Employee Review and Development (ERD)– please note that a Glow username and password are required to access this group.  This is open only to Falkirk Council staff.