ICT Curriculum Support

ICT Curriculum Support

Stuart Lennie

Malcolm Wilson


• Provide strategic leadership for primary and secondary schools in delivery of technologies and ICT in learning and teaching.

• Organise and deliver ICT continuing professional development courses across educational establishments.

• Provide support and guidance to schools in the implementation and development of national ICT strategies, including Glow

• Provide ICT support for Education Service staff in relation to developments within the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

1. The identification and evaluation of suitable resources

2. The development of training/curriculum support materials as appropriate

3. The identification and dissemination of good practice

• Provide advice, support and project management in relation to hardware, software, systems, policies, guidance and ICT provision for educational establishments.

• Provide support for ICT Co-ordinators to support embedding ICT across the curriculum

• Consult and liaise with all relevant stakeholders locally and nationally in order to ensure the most appropriate ICT provision for learning and teaching in Falkirk Council establishments.

1 thought on “ICT Curriculum Support

  1. Hi

    I am an early childhood teacher in Australia (10 years) and have the opportunity of a five week study tour in the first part of next year concentrating on ICT in the pre-school (age 4-5).

    I would be extremely grateful if you could offer advice as to the most worthwhile access to information about ICT use in the classroom in a play-based constructed curriculum and its use as a connector with parents and families in your area.


    Amanda Riddiford

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