Drama Resources made available by The Drama Box



The Drama Box was a young business which supported UK schools with their development of drama as part of their curriculum. Unfortunately, the company has fallen victim to trading circumstances resulting from coronavirus restrictions, but they are making their valuable resources widely available to the education community. Those Falkirk establishments who previously worked with them will have been contacted directly to ensure they still have access to resources. On behalf of Falkirk educators, I would like to thank The Drama Box for sharing these valuable resources under these difficult circumstances. They have also made their online training courses available to staff by clicking here.

Click on this link to view YouTube videos of the teaching of Early level skills: Voice, Movement and Expression and Improvisation – set 1. This link also provides a Pdf document sharing next steps for further learning. These lessons progress to set 2 which can be found by clicking here.

Click to view First level set 1 videos and First level set 2 videos.

Second level set 1 videos are here and set 2 here.

Warm up activities are available here and they have also made other supportive resources available here.

I am currently working on our Falkirk Expressive Arts Progression Pathway and look forward to building these valuable support materials into the professional learning and resources we pull together for this important subject area. Watch this space but get in touch with yvonne.mcblain@falkirk.gov.uk if you are a Falkirk practitioner who would like to help with the creation of these important documents and support materials.

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