St Mary’s RC PS perform with Scottish Opera


On 17th February, primary 6 and 7 pupils at St Mary’s RC PS performed “Fever!” with members of Scottish Opera to a very varied audience. In the morning they completed their dress rehearsal by performing for a group of visitors from the Scottish Government, which included Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe & External Affairs.

SO St mary's

In the afternoon, they gave their actual performance for parents and guests in their local community. Both audiences gave the pupils rapturous applause and enjoyed the show immensely – as can be seen from the numerous videos and Tweets shared and liked – click here to take a look.

WP_20160217_005[1]Audrey Mackay, music specialist at St Mary’s, instigated the project so that the pupils could experience the Scottish Opera Education Pack and extend their wider life experience in new ways. Audrey, and her colleagues at St Mary’s are delighted to see the impact this experience has had on pupils involved. Click here to view the pack, which includes lots of valuable preparatory learning linked to science, health and well-being, literacy and music of course. This builds pupil understanding of diseases and our immune system, and helps them connect their learning to real life. Taking part in the performance, and working with the accomplished performers from Scottish Opera made this even more engaging and gave pupils an experience which will stay with them for a long time.

When asked what their favourite parts of the performance were, Debbie said “The bit where we play the air guitar.” and Karis liked when “We turn around and put on our shades”.


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