Subject Development Group Evaluation 2013/14

Gillian Campbell (Curriculum Support Officer- Secondary) coordinated the creation and development of ‘Subject Development Groups’ from September 2013. 25 subject specific groups were created and allowed opportunities for staff to look at the development of the new National Qualifications and share the burden of workload across schools.

Over the course of the year the groups met to plan development, implementation and evaluation of the NQs with each of our secondary schools able to send at least one teacher to each group.

Government funding was used, in part, to support the work detailed by each group to complete development work outlined in their individual action plans. This resource allowed SDGs to create and provide professional learning opportunities for subject teachers. In addition to this Falkirk have used the expertise of our SQA Nominees, markers and verifiers to assist with the professional development of their subject colleagues.

A survey was sent out to all staff involved to gauge their opinions on the value and format of SDG meetings. The results showed overwhelming positivity for the groups and the resources and networking opportunities they have provided.Some of the detail from this survey is provided in the infographic attached to this post.

SDGs have continued into the 2014/15 session to support the ongoing development of the nationals and higher as well as looking ahead where applicable to the new Advanced Highers to begin in session 2015/16.

Teachers continue to share work, ideas, thoughts and opinions through shared network and online folders, Glow and email.

For more information on Subject Development Groups or for access to the detailed evaluation of the project, please email:

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