School Policies

The following CNES Policies have been endorsed by the school and form the basis of our practice with our pupils. These can be found listed on the CNES Website in the following location.

 ¨ Anti-Bullying Policy

¨ Care and Welfare Policy

¨ Dress Code Policy

¨ Disruption to Education on Account of Bad Weather

¨ Enterprise in Education

¨ Getting It Right (for Children and Young People in the Western Isles)

¨ Home Education

¨ Home To School Travel


¨ Improving Behaviour Policy

¨ Inclusion

¨ Parental Involvement Strategy

¨ Promoting Positive Behaviour

¨ Quality Improvement Policy and Procedures

¨ Race Equality

¨ Religious Observance

¨ Support for Bereavement

¨ Transition Planning

In addition to this the School has the following policies available:-

¨ Internet Access Policy

¨ Learning and Teaching

¨ School Security

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