Primary to Secondary Transfer

During the Summer term each session, Primary 7 pupils have the opportunity to attend their chosen secondary schools for an induction period.

When pupils complete P7 they will normally transfer to:  The Nicolson Institute

                                                                         Springfield Road


                                                                         Isle of Lewis

                                                                         Telephone Number:  01851 707000

On induction days,  pupils travel on the school bus, meet secondary teachers and sample part of their future weekly timetable. Each year a member of the secondary Guidance Team will travel to the school to meet P7 pupils prior to their transfer to secondary.  In addition, a member of the School Management Team will hold discussions with the Head Teacher each year to ensure that all aspects of a pupil’s work and personality are known in order to assist with a smooth transfer from Primary to Secondary. Every second year a member of the Secondary School Management Team will also visit the Primary School to meet pupils and staff.

The Principal Teacher for Learning Support visits our school in October/November of each year in order to meet those Primary 7 pupils with additional support needs and participate in review meetings with parents and staff. Such pupils may also be offered the opportunity of additional induction days which will be based in the Support for Learning Base. These induction days would follow a similar pattern with time also spent in the Support for Learning Base getting to know the staff.

 Over the last number of years a transition event has been held within the Learning Community for all Primary 7 pupils. This has proved to be most beneficial and has allowed Primary 7 pupils from smaller schools in the    surrounding area an opportunity to meet and engage in learning activities with one another.

 When possible, pupils in Bernera School meet with pupils in Uig and Breasclete Schools for a variety of sporting and other events. The purpose of this is to give our pupils greater opportunities to meet and engage in learning activities with one another prior to moving to secondary.

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