About us

Busby Parent Council

We are a voluntary organisation set up in 2007 following the introduction of the Parental Involvement Act 2006 by the Scottish Government. All parents / carers with children at Busby Primary School are welcome to participate in Busby Parent Council – our organisation is open to all.

The Parent Council is a committee appointed by the Parent Forum to run matters on its behalf, so if you turn up to our meetings you are considered a member of the Parent Council.

We are a formally constituted body but we have no requirement to report to anyone other than the Parent Forum and East Renfrewshire Council.


  • We want to help create and operate as a successful school.
  • We want to improve links between all parents and carers and the school.
  • We want to ensure parents get the information they require and that the school gets feedback on the views of parents.


BPC Constitution May 18