Food & Health with P5B

Primary 5B have been learning all about different foods and how to stay healthy.  We have looked at lots of the fruits and vegetables that we like – and have located some of the places where we import them from around the world!  We explored how different foods need different environments to help them grow, and we looked at the journey food makes to get into our homes and onto our plates.

We also got the chance to make some of our own ‘Halloween Themed’ healthy snacks – I’d say we definitely have some recommendations for next year!

P5c handle data outdoors!

We have been learning all about data handling.  Having discussed the variety of ways used to represent data, we can interpret and draw conclusions from the information displayed.

Today, we worked collaboratively in groups of four, to gather and present data.  We used this data, outdoors, to create graphs using outdoor materials.

What great fun we had! Look at our amazing pictures.

Well done Primary 5c! You did an amazing job today.

Have a happy October break to you and your families 🙂


Primary 5A enjoyed using their Technology and Literacy skills to create poems about trees. We looked for inspiration using all of our senses and worked as a group to record them with chalk, mud ink or by spontaneous performance!


P5c – Living a healthy lifestyle!

We have been learning about how to live a healthier lifestyle.  We have been exploring lots of different food alternatives that are better for us, but still taste delicious!

This week, in writing, we wrote instructions of how to make a healthy pizza! They sounded so tasty, we decided to make them! 🙂

Look how well we did.  They are healthy and tasted yum!

Well done Primary 5c you did a great job! Try and re make them at home for your families 🙂

Farm to Fork

Primary 5a have been learning about sustainability. We researched food seasonality and the process of making bread and eating strawberries – from farm to fork!

Sports Leaders at St Ninian’s

Primary 5 A & B enjoyed their trip to St Ninian’s for Athletics. It was great fun working with the S6 Sports Leaders and developing our skills in running, jumping and throwing. We tested our balance and coordination through the games and really enjoyed working as a team for the baton relay!

Leading Our Learning!

Leo: On the first few days of Primary 5, we knew we had an important job to do. Our classroom was under construction. We started of looking at some designs and deciding what we like and what we don’t like, we looked at our current furniture and also new ideas.

Elsa: After that Mrs McGrotty and Mrs O Conor came to talk to us and we spoke about how we were shaping the way we were going to learn by being more flexible in our learning and taking leadership of it.

Cian: They said that they wanted us to work on ideas for our classroom, using the great ideas we had already came up with.

Rachel: For a whole afternoon we worked on ideas for design and what furniture we want. We identified different learning zones and the type of learning or activities that would take place in each zone.

Leo: On Friday morning we went around in our tables and started to think about ideas and created huge mind maps filled with lots of exciting stuff. We used laptops too to look at some architects ideas.

Elsa: This afternoon we got into groups and drew ideas of what we wanted our classroom to look like in the specific zones, we checked back at all our ideas from the morning and picked the things we thought were most practical.

Cian: After we finished our ideas we moved on to our models and started to make the things we liked.

Rachel: Finally, we worked together as a class and started to write on the window, sketching out and deciding what our classroom was going to look like with the different learning zones.

Outdoor Learning

Primary 5a had their first Outdoor Learning experience of the year. It poured with rain but we were wrapped up and had a ball. We looked for inspiration in nature to create some artwork but mostly enjoyed exploring our environment and finding puddles to jump in!