P6a – Stephen Hawking. Black Hole Experiment

Stephen Hawking Experiment                                    Thursday 15th March

Primary 6a were sad to hear of the death of Stephen Hawking. Primary 6a used the STEM room to learn a little more about Black Holes.

A black hole is a place where gravity has got so strong that it pulls matter down into it and doesn’t let any of this matter escape, not even light. Anything too close to a black hole will be sucked down into it and trapped forever.

We carried out an experiment with balloons and tinfoil to understand black holes better!

The experiment showed how gravity compresses the star’s matter around the collapsed core (balloon). The dead star has the same amount of matter, but it is compressed to a small point. This means it has greater density than the original star.

This is how a black hole can be formed. The dense ball of matter exerts a large gravitational pull on all objects around it.

(Twinkl experiment – Black Hole Inquiry 1 Stephen Hawking )





K’NEX Challenge

Today Primary 6 took part in the K’Nex Challenge!

They had to work in groups to create a bridge.

All children had to follow a design brief:

The bridge must be at least 19cm tall and at least 30cm long.

Primary 6 had to problem solve and communicate clearly with one another.

Everyone had lots of fun!

Well done to Luke Gallagher and Gordon Grant for winning!

Runners up were Lily Cook and Orlaith Kilpatrick.

Judges found it very hard to pick a winner.

A great day had by all!