Alison Murray reads her book


Today, Primary 1 listened and watched author/illustrator Alison Murray read her Bookbug award shortlisted book ‘Hare and Tortoise’.


It was great to hear the actual author reading her book.


Inspired by her book, they decided to draw their own self portraits including descriptions of their features.


Sharing books

As part of our Book Week Scotland celebration, the children were asked to bring into school their favourite books.


Primary 1 pupils particularly enjoyed sharing their stories with the rest of the class and telling them just why they love them so much.







The children were also encouraged to work with a partner to read and retell their stories to each other.



Bookbug Family Bag


As part of Book Week Scotland 2016, all P1’s received a Bookbug Family Bag. This Bag contains three brilliant picture books, all shortlisted for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2017.

The bag also includes

  • an activity booklet filled with games and activities for you and your child to enjoy.
  • Colouring pencils to use with the activity book or on their own.
  • A magnetic whiteboard with a set of magnetic numbers and a whiteboard pen.
  • A voting slip so your child can choose and vote for their favourite book in The Bookbug Picture Book Prize.


To receive the book bags and listen to the three picture books being read, P.1 took a trip to Mearns library.


They also helped the librarian to sing some of our favourite Bookbug songs.


Read, Write, Count – Book Week

Primary 3 were the lucky recipients of their very own Read, Write, Count Bags today. After having a look at the wonderful items inside the bag, they are very excited to complete some of the activities mentioned in the information leaflet and can’t wait to read ‘Gigantosaurus’ and ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.


Before receiving their bag of goodies Primary 3 were set a task to find their own ‘Golden Ticket’ to swap for a bag!

“We went outside and had a treasure hunt to find different cards. On one card there was the title of a book and on another there was a matching character from the book. We had to find a card and then find a partner who had the matching title or character. If we managed to find a ‘Golden Ticket’ and the correct partner we got to take the bags home!” (Eilidh, Chloe, Muskaan and Eleya)

img_6135 img_6134 img_6133 img_6132 img_6130 img_6129

Thankfully, with a little team work, and some thorough searching, they were able to find and match all of the tickets correctly. img_6146 img_6143 img_6142

“I loved having to find the cards and matching them with a partner – it was such a fun way to get our bags!” (Oscar)

“I liked having to find the cards –I found mine behind the bin!!” (Ryan)

“I liked having to match the cards with a partner – this was quite tricky but luckily we did it!” (Chloe)

“I liked having to work as a team to find and match the cards.” (Maryam)

“I was lucky and spotted a ticket straight away!” (Kai)

After all this excitement, Primary 3 are really looking forward to using all of the materials inside the bag and can’t wait to show them off to our families at home!

We DARE you!!!

For Book Week Scotland, Scottish Book Trust is introducing a campaign to encourage individuals to sign up for a Reading Dare and to dare friends, family and colleagues to take on their own challenge. This links in perfectly with the idea of children setting their own personal challenges and taking ownership over their reading journeys for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. There is a specific Reading Dare resource which you can, of course, use throughout the Reading Challenge.

Encourage your children to send in their most inventive dares, surprising scenarios and proudest successes!

This week in Primary 7…

In Writing, this week, Primary 7 have been learning how to express their opinions and use topic sentences.

It was fun but hard. We were writing about if we preferred e-readers or physical books. I prefer physical books. (Zoha)

In language we have been making adverts so that people buy stuff. We have been using persuasive language. It’s fun. (Alya)

We have been using persuasive language to encourage people to buy things; I did mine on an xbox. (Joshua)

The Authors have been doing a comprehension about the worst day of the year. It’s about a boy who has to do sports but he didn’t want to do them. I thought it was easy, I remembered to check my work. (Zainab)