P3b – Mini Mudder

Last Friday, before lunch we all took part in Mini Mudder! Before, some of us felt very nervous. Olivia said “I thought I would get wet and I don’t like getting wet.”

When we got to the course, we saw all of the different obstacles. There were tyres that you had to go in and out of, there were tunnels and you had to crawl under a big blue sheet. Ava said she felt a bit nauseous when she saw it! We all completed the course, and some of us did it a lot of times.

Afterwards we needed to get cleaned up because we were very muddy. Daryn said “the mud was on my forehead and my hair and clothes!” It took a long time to get everybody clean and ready for lunch! Jenny said she was looking forward to doing it again, but Charlotte said she wouldn’t want to try again!

Ross said “I felt so happy after it because I got to peel the mud off my legs!”
Rosie said “I was really wet after it because I got sprayed a thousand times!”
Ava said “Miss Evans squirted me!”
Edward said “When I went under the tunnel I thought I saw a spider crawl on me!”