Learning to Touch Type

Touch typing is an important skill for anyone who uses computers regularly. While lots of people get by using just their forefingers, being able to accurately press the keys on the keyboard while looking at the screen increases confidence and productivity on a computer. Knowing where the keys are allows the user to enter text and use shortcuts much more quickly.
Here is a link to the P2/3 blog – they have been learning how to touch type this term and have some great tips on how to develop the skill.

Touch Typing in ICT


Setting up and using computers to help everyone

AbilityNet is a great website who offer advice and information on how to setup and make best use of computers and digital technology. AbilityNet’s Factsheets are free to download and provide advice and information about how computers and other digital technologies can help people with a range of conditions and impairments.

These help guides are written by a specialist team of assessors and accessibility consultants and give detailed information on a wide range of assistive technology, services and related organisations. Many give a step by step guide to help you set up your computer and software (assistive technology) to meet your individual requirements.

Check out their site:

What We’re Learning…


So far this term I’ve been very busy working with the boys and girls from our Nursery, p1a, p2, p2/3, p4/5 and our Software Development Skills Academy. The knowledge and skills that so many pupils have for starting is absolutely great. I will be working with pupils and staff to develop and harness tis knowledge and skills.

ict overview

Here is some of the topics we are covering in ICT for term 1:

  • Nursery are learning to use the mouse and basic computer functions, such as internet and games


  • p1a  are learning to access the PCs in the ICT suite with greater independence and knowing what software to use for each task


  • p2 are learning about the different features and functions of computers and mobile devices


  • p2/3 are learning about the ‘home row’ of keys and how to type faster and with greater accuracy


  • p4/5 are using Microsoft Paint to create a picture of our school, making full use of the drawing tools


I am looking forward to updating this blog with great examples of our learning as we go.