science – forces

In Science, we are learning about forces. This week we explored push and pull. One of the activities involved using Play- Doh to create a model elephant only using the force shown on the board at the given time.

STEM Homework Challenge

Our challenge was to invent something to make our world a better place. Here is what we came up with.

Miss McVitie – I am impressed with all the hard work and time families put into this homework challenge. Well done, you have come up with some really imaginative ideas.

I invented something called ‘Shout a Light’. Whenever someone leaves the room it will shout “Have you switched the light off”.

I invented a pretend elephant to protect elephants from dying from poachers. When a poacher tries to take the tusk off, they get covered in explosive die pack in the colour red.

I invented something called ‘Photo Voltaic’ to generated light, heat and clean water for 3rd world countries.

We invented a poster to raise awareness for people to stop dropping litter and recycle it.

I invented an app called ‘Pollution is Pointless’ to encourage people to do things that reduces pollution instead of contributing to it.

I came up with an invention called ‘Imogen’s Bee Saver’ to try and save the bees.



I invented a nature bin to stop people from dropping litter.



I researched the five R’s for recycling.



We invented ‘Ellie 2000’ to stop poachers killing animals for their ivory.

We invented the ‘Auto-Picker’ to stop pollution caused by naughty people dropping litter.

I want people to stop killing animals. We don’t need them for food because we can eat fruit and veg.

I made a poster to tell people not to use cars, planes and trains as much to reduce pollution.

I made little feeding bags for cows to reduce methane gas produced.

I invented something called the FRC (Floating Rubbish Car) that goes in the ocean picks up litter on a con and it scoops up the rubbish and puts into into a recycling bin when back on land.

I invented eco-friendly flying cars because road traffic is a big problem in our world.

We invented The Tree Thingamigigy 1000. It cleans out greenhouse gases.


We have started learning the multiplication tables in class. Have a look at some of the different activities were have been doing to help us learn the multiplication facts.

We have been using the BBC Super Movers.

We made fortune tellers to test each other.

We have been playing some multiplication board games.

We have been answering quick fire questions using the Daily 10 game on topmarks.

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