University of Glasgow Upcoming Events


Students interested in applying to Glasgow University are invited to come attend our UofG Information Sessions. There are sessions dedicated to Arts, Engineering, Geography and Life Sciences as well as sessions covering all degrees. At the sessions the Recruitment Officers will give a short presentation followed by a Q&A where current students will be available to answer any questions applicants may have about studying or life in Glasgow

Students can register here.

In addition, Lecturers are running a series of sessions on a variety of subjects:


Psychology at Glasgow – 18th November 11am

Theology and Religious Studies

Design Arguments – 24 November 1.30pm

Free Will and Responsibility – 1 December 1.30pm

The Problem of Evil & Suffering – 8 December 1.30pm


Practical Applications of Physics Principles – 2 December 1pm

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeships – 9 December


Annual Geography Christmas Lecture – Building Hopeful Futures: Climate Change and the Climate Crisis – 13 December 1pm


The University of Glasgow has been running a Quantum Technology School (QTS) since 2018, and has been supported by QComm and QuantIC, two of the four national quantum hubs. QTS is a collaboration between the School of Physics and Astronomy, the School of Computing Science, and the School of Engineering. Quantum technology is an exciting new interdisciplinary field, which aims to use quantum mechanical effects to improve performance over existing techniques, notably in information processing, communications, sensing and imaging. It has seen recent worldwide investment from both governments and industry, and is expected to provide new employment opportunities in the medium to long term.

Quantum Technology School 2021.

Live online sessions will take place in the evenings of December 6-8 2021, and activity packs will be provided to registered schools for pupils to work on in the weeks before this. QTS is aimed at pupils studying Physics or Computing Science at Higher or Advanced Higher at the time of the School.


In addition to these live events the UofG Chemistry department have launched a series of teaching resources where students can watch current PhD students carry out experiments and explain research techniques.