Jul 172015

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In June  2015 our new S2 participated in a sponsored orienteering event at Rouken Glen Park. It was a lovely afternoon and there was no shortage of enthusiasm as 16 teams set out to find clues which would allow them to complete a task. Over £850 was raised to assist our World Challenge Group who will be going to India next year to do voluntary work. Well done everyone!

Jun 232015

The Woodfarm High Paris trip group still plan to arrive on time tomorrow. Our travel company, IBT, are currently monitoring the situation regarding the French ferry port strike which is due to end at 8 pm this evening. IBT’s current understanding is that our group will be able to travel as planned and be back at school at 3pm tomorrow, Wednesday 24th June. Please see the Twitter link at the bottom of this web page for the most up to date information. Confirmation of the groups estimated return time will be given in the morning.

**24 June 2015 update:  Estimated time of arrival 1.30- 2.30pm.

Jun 192015

EthanWoodfarm High School selected 4 pupils to compete at the Scottish Schools Athletics Championships at Grangemouth Stadium on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June. They were competing against the best in Scotland and all performed fantastic.

Well done to Chris S for winning the 2000m steeple chase in a time of 6.26.65 which is a new personal best for him. Further success was achieved with Rochelle M running a personal best and placing second in the 300m in a time of 42.74seconds and only 0.17s behind the winner. She also finished 5th in the 200m in a time of 27.39seconds.

Ethan D.  also set a new personal best in the High Jump clearing 1m85 and finishing 3rd overall having cleared the same height as 2nd place and only 2 cm short of the winning height. Kyle McL. also represented the school in the 200m and did very well to compete at this high level after suffering a hamstring injury.

Jun 192015


Woodfarm High School will close at 1:05pm on Wednesday 24th June 2015 for the summer holidays.

If any young person wishes to remain in school over the lunchtime period a provision of soup and sandwiches will be available as usual  from 12:20pm.

Jun 152015

4 x 4The ‘Docs’ will be representing Scotland in the inaugural Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge World Final, which is taking place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from the 22 – 24 June 2015 .

The Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge is an innovative educational competition, which has engaged thousands of young people since it was launched in the UK in 2006. The Challenge has now been launched in 15 countries around the world including Australia, United Arab Emirates and Greece and will be rolled out in more countries in the next academic year.

With stiff competition from 13 other teams from 11 countries around the world all vying for the world champions crown. The Docs will be sure to have an unforgettable educational and intercultural experience.  Across three days, the teams will follow an intense competition schedule.

The third and final day of the event sees the competition reach its peak, with a busy day of judging and track action. The World Final culminates in an awards celebration dinner, where a total of 15 awards will presented before the crowning of the 2015 Land Rover 4×4 in Schools World Champions. Shaun G., 16-year-old Team Manager of The Docs says of going to the Land Rover  4×4 in Schools World Finals, “It’s been quite a challenge getting ready for the event, we’ve still got quite a lot to do but we’re working really hard to be ready in time. Taking part has already changed my life as I now want to do engineering as a career. We’re all really looking forward to competing and meeting people from lots of other countries”.

Jun 122015

staff footballOur annual staff v pupils football match took place on Wednesday 10th June. It was the closest game for a number of years with the staff running out 5-4 winners. The staff team included former pupils Gary Nugent, Brian Ashe, Graham Girvan and Waleed Nadeem. Another former pupil, Grant Girvan, refereed the game having gained his refereeing qualification at Woodfarm two years ago. The involvement of these former pupils speaks volumes for the positive relationships that staff have built up with them over the years.

Before the game there was a minutes applause in memory of Lesley Graham, a former teacher who sadly passed away recently.

Thanks to all who played, helped out and came to watch!

Mr Merriman



Jun 112015

Dear Parent/ Carer,

S3 Full Report – June 2015 – Information for Parents and Carers

Please find included with this letter, your child’s S3 Report. You will find it helpful to read this letter before reading your child’s report to ensure teacher comments are considered along with the key information contained here.

1.    Level of Presentation indicated in The Full Report

The level of presentation noted at the top of each subject report is the level which your child is currently working towards.

  1. Confirmation of the recommended level of presentation

In every subject report, the class teacher has noted the recommended curricular pathway. This is the level that your child will be working towards in S4 based on progress to date.

This recommendation may be accompanied by a change of class as pupils move into S4. Please be aware that pupil presentation level may still be changed at a later stage if this is in the best interests of the young person. Parents will be advised accordingly if this is required. If you have already been informed that your son/ daughter is to change level, please note that these changes will take affect after these reports have been issued.

  1. Ratings for behaviour, effort and homework

In this full report, each subject has provided information about pupil progress through ratings for behaviour, effort and homework on a scale of 1 – 4, 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest.

  1. Working Grade and Next Target Grade for the full S3 report

Each class teacher has included a Working Grade and a Next Target Grade.

The Working Grade means the level of performance in subject at the present time in terms of work towards National Qualifications.

The Next Target Grade means the targeted level of performance in subject at prelim time (Nov. 2015). Note that this is not a prediction of performance in the final examination.

Please note, that if a teacher has recommended that your son/ daughter change level, the NGT will be blank and this will be negotiated for the new level in August.

Please note the National 5 grades are given in the report by the following numbers:

A grade 1 or 2

B grade 3 or 4

C grade 5 or 6

D grade 7 experiencing difficulties at current level of presentation

Grade 8 current level of presentation is very challenging – recommendation is to move down a level

As there is no final examination for Nationals 1 – 4, these courses are pass/ fail only. Therefore, teachers have been asked to use the following grades:

Working Grade

Grade 5 on track to pass the course successfully by the end of S4

Grade 6 some areas of concern but currently on track to pass the course successfully by the end of S4

Grade 7 experiencing difficulties at current level of presentation – may require to move down a level

Next target Grade

Grade 5 – aim to be fully on track to complete the course successfully by the end of S4

Grade 6 – aim to be on track to be complete the course successfully by the end of S4

5.    The e-portfolio and S3 profile – presentations 19th June

During the course of S3 all pupils have been working to update their e-portfolio which is used to prepare a complete S3 profile by the end of the session.

All S3 pupils will be presented with their profile certificate on Friday 19th June, during S3 House group award ceremonies which take place during the school day.

What you can do to help your child with the e-portfolio and profile

Please take time to ask your child to access their e-portfolio on GLOW with you present and discuss the quality of his or her entries. Support your child to include all key achievements and ensure that entries are ‘tagged’ to the relevant area of the curriculum

  1. Departmental Information statement and how you can help your child at home

Each department has prepared an important statement that should be read with each report. These statements outline general course information and summarise how you can help your child at home. Please read the relevant statements along with each subject report. They can be accessed via the school website here.


I hope the information above is helpful in supporting you and your child to benefit from the information provided by class teachers in the S3 report.

If you would like further information about your child’s progress or if you would like to discuss something raised in your child’s report, please contact you child’s Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support.

Yours sincerely,

John Stuart

Depute Head Teacher

Jun 092015


The Parent Council are pleased to announce an exciting new way to support the school AND save time and money.

You can now buy badged Woodfarm PE kit from the comfort of your own home, at a COMPETITIVE PRICE and have it delivered FREE OF CHARGE directly to you.

And the best bit is, the school will benefit from 5% COMMISSION on all items purchased!!

More information can be found here



Jun 052015

RREC The Rapid Response Engineering Challenge was developed and piloted at Carnoustie High School in Angus in partnership with CITB-Construction Skills and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). Woodfarm High School have been running the project over the last 5+years

In preparation a 50-minute inspirational interactive presentation was shown to S1 pupils last week  so they could consider how the fundamentals they take for granted such as shelter, safe drinking water, transportation and communication are put in place in a modern society. Pupils are challenged to think how fragile society becomes when all of these fundamental elements are not in place as happens in many places in the world.

The interdisciplinary project ties in with the standard curriculum subject materials, hence pupils can see the relevance of the school subjects they study.

Today was the day they could put their practical skills in play through various tasks, shelter building, water transportation, orienteering, languages, ethics and of course running a media centre.

This year the media centre piloted using green screen technology and a represntative from all 16 groups.  David A. and Jonas B. (S4) were our Media Centre experts.  View all our roving reports here.

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