May 012015


You may now find our  Woodfarm Newsletter for April 2015 under “Brand New” at the right hand side of the page.

It is packed full of information on what has been happening in the last term, pupil achievements and school news.

May 012015

Dylexia Dyslexia Scotland Glasgow East Renfrewshire Branch

invite Parents, Pupils and Teachers to an


Supporting Dyslexia at Home



7.15pm-8.15pm Mearns Castle High School,

Newton Mearns G77 5GU

Email Address is

jennifer Sword

Article 3   All organisations concerned with  children should work towards what is best for you.

Apr 282015

Parent/Carer Homework Questionnaire

Woodfarm High School is presently reviewing its’ homework policy. We would be very grateful if parents and carers you would take 5 minutes to complete a short questionnaire survey which can be accessed here. The closing date for responses is Friday 8th of May.

Thank you for your assistance.

Apr 272015

homeworkThe School is presently in the process of reviewing its homework policy. Do pupils get too much or too little? Should there be more tasks that require parental involvement? A working group is presently consulting with pupils and teachers.

However, crucial in this process are the views of parents.

We will be conducting an online questionnaire survey but would also like to obtain additional qualitative information from a focus group composed of parents/carers. This group would have a short working life and would involve participants attending one, or possible two, early evening meetings in May.

If you would like to participate please contact Richard Phelan, Social Justice Manager on 577-2600 by 1st May 2015.

Apr 212015

examsS3 Assessment opportunities will be running from next week onwards. Letter and timetable will be issued during PSHE and RE this week.

S3 pupils in Woodfarm High School have traditionally been involved in S3 assessment opportunities towards the end of the school session.

This session we have taken the opportunity to formalise these arrangements a little more and we have produced a timetable of S3 Assessment Opportunities. A copy of this timetable is available here. Some of these assessments will take place in the Games Hall which is already set up for the SQA examinations in May. Other assessments will continue to take place in class.

Key advantages of running a more formal diet of assessment:

  • Pupils gain valuable experience of assessments in the Games Hall formal SQA setting whilst undertaking less formal S3 assessments. These assessments will contribute to teachers’ overall understanding of pupil progress in S3. However, these S3 assessments are not formal SQA examinations so pupils can gain this experience without the pressure associated with formal examinations such as prelims.
  • During SQA assessments in senior school, a very high standard of behaviour is expected. There are also specific rules to observe such as no mobile phones in the exam area. This assessment diet will help S3 pupils to become familiar with these expectations.
  • The timetable of S3 assessment issued will help pupils to plan their home study and should motivate pupils to develop a good study habit before starting S4.

Your child should use the printed S3 assessment timetable to help him/her fill in a blank personal assessment timetable so that your child’s individual assessment programme is clear to you and your child. Pupils will be given the chance to complete these blank timetables in PSHE during the first week back after the Easter holiday. Please talk to your child about this and check the personal timetable with him/her to ensure it has been completed correctly.

You will notice that some practical subjects such as hospitality have more than one assessment slot on the list. In these cases, the subject Principal Teacher will ensure pupils know which assessment opportunity applies to their class.

If you have any questions about a subject assessment, please contact the relevant Principal Teacher of Faculty. If you have any general questions relating to your child, please contact the relevant Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support who is your child’s ‘named person’.

Apr 022015



You may now find our  Woodfarm Newsletter for March  2015 under “Brand New” at the right hand side of the page.

It is packed full of information on what has been happening in the last term, pupil achievements and school news.

Mar 312015

East Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee is inviting those living,  working or volunteering in the local community to come together to  find out how to keep children, young people and vulnerable adults  safe from exploitation.

East Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee are hosting three major events to tackle the concerns of parents, young people, staff and those in our local communities about exploitation in a number of ways, and at a time of increased media attention.

The second of these events will take place on Wednesday 1 April, 7pm – 8.30pm

“Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation”  Venue: The Barrhead Foundry


Mar 312015

TEAM DOCS 1Team Doc’s took another step closer to conquering the world with an fantastic performance at the National finals of the Jaguar Land Rover 4×4 In Schools challenge in Warwick on Friday- finishing up as home nation winners. The team was represented by Shaun, Joy, Ross and Saboor and had to complete a series of tasks, cumulating with a driving tests across a brand new Range Rover. There were a few bumps and crashes along the way but the team impressed the judges with not only their links to industry but also their innovative use of technology. As the wining home nation team, the Doc’s will now compete in the world finals in June against teams from Japan, Australia and Brazil. Well done team Doc’s and good luck for June.

A special thanks to Mr Bell, George Munn (STEM ambassador) and sponsors BWSR, Thales Optronics, European Circuits and Davie & McCulloch who made it all possible.

You can follow the team’s progress to the world finals through their twitter feed @Th3 Doc’5.

Mar 312015

J7Jonas B., Kelsey McM. and Emily C. (S3) applied to attend the J7 summit in Berlin and UNICEF has selected our pupils to represent the UK.G7

The event will take place from 6 to 14 May 2015 in Berlin and will be attended by teams of six young people from all of the G7 states.

Together with their peers and also with experts, they will examine the key issues of the summit of the G7 heads of state. They will present the results of their work during J7 to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel!!


Article 3   All organisations concerned with  children should work towards what is best for you.

Mar 312015

Rag Bag 1Rag Bag Fundraising

The Rag Bag Collection Bin is now situated at the rear of the school car park. This has been promoted on the school website, through text messages to parents/carers and was discussed at school assemblies.

The good news is that after only 6 weeks it was full and had to be emptied – we were delighted to receive our first cheque for £58! The money we receive every time the bin is emptied will be eventually given back to the school to assist with meeting the needs of the pupils so it is in everyone’s best interests to support the school through this venture.

With Easter fast approaching, this will be a great opportunity to have a good clear out. Please keep donating your old ‘rags’, as this is a great way for us to raise funds for the school.

Mar 272015

WFHS Group 2

ERC hosted their annual Culinary Arts Banquet on 26 March. Alex, Courtney and Simrin are pictured. All 3 girls have worked hard over the year on their culinary arts course which culminated in a very successful evening. Mr Stuart and Mrs Mackenzie from the school were delighted to be invited guests at the banquet.

jennifer Sword

  Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.