British Medical Association – Have you thought about studying Medicine?

The booklet from the BMA , ‘Have You Thought About Studying Medicine?’ aims to fill the gap and provide school pupils with the information and support they need to do so. They wish to ensure everyone and anyone, but most importantly those from backgrounds that may present additional challenges around getting into medical school, are not put off from studying medicine and instead are equipped with the information they need to chase their dream career.

The BMA believe that the newly published booklet provides the information that school pupils will need in order to apply for medicine and wish to share this with your secondary school pupils. The booklet has been written mainly to target secondary school pupils who are about to start S3-S4 and who are considering careers, selecting subjects and discussing their thoughts about the future, with tips also for those in S5 and S6 on their applications and interviews for medical school.

In the ‘Have You Thought About Studying Medicine?’ booklet there is information provided on the basics of how to apply to study medicine, what your school pupils will need to do and what they need to know if they are thinking of applying. The booklet is written by medical students for school pupils with consideration of what they found useful or would have liked to have known when they were seeking to get into their medical degree courses. There are accounts from current medical students about what applying was like for them and some hints and tips from them that would help school pupils in their pursuit of a career in medicine.  The booklet also signposts pupils to other resources that expand on what we’ve included, so they can find the resources to help them do their own research and preparations.

There is also a helpful section on what support is available for financing a medical degree as well as some debunking of common myths that exist around studying medicine.

The booklet can be accessed  here.