Our S2 Biologists are coming up to their Microorganisms test. This website is a useful revision site.

Study hard!

The British Science Association is running a mass participation survey to try and spot trends in the incidence of flu. Some of our S2 classes who are currently studying Microorganisms will be taking part.

The survey can be taken here.

S3 pupils following either the National 4 or National 5 Biology courses can use the following resources to help their studies.

National 4
BBC National 4
National 4 e-textbook

National 5
BBC National 5
National 5 e-textbook

With winter conditions well and truly here there may be occasions when pupils may not be able to make the journey into school or the school may even have to close. In these situations it is important that pupils continue with their studies. Instructions for each year group and level of pupil are available here.

S1 pupils are making chains of paper bodies as part of their Body Systems Topic. The weblink below shows how they can do this.



Did you know that the 12-18th October is National Biology Week. This is organised by the Society of Biology in the UK and is a celebration of all aspects of the biosciences.

Their plans include a hands-on biology day, a celebration of UK Fungus Day, a debate at the Royal Institution about genetics and criminal liability, a house spider survey, a video competition and a 24 hour lecture which will include the results of their flying ant survey.

Check out their website for more information.

To all in S3 doing National 4 or National 5 Biology. There is a fantastic online resource that you could be using to help with your Biology. Follow these links to find the e-textbook.

National 4 e-textbook.

National 5 e-textbook.

Below are the dates for the Higher Human Biology Unit 3 NAB and Mini-prelim on Unit 3.
NAB    Columns A and C       Thursday 18th April
           Column E                  Friday     19th April
Prelim Column C                 Tuesday 23rd April
           Column A and E       Wednesday 24th April   

Our S5/6 Higher Human Biologists will face their Unit 3 NAB in the week commencing 15th April. Their Unit 3 mini-prelim will follow shortly after the NAB.

Good luck with the studying!

The Intermediate 2 NAB for Unit 3 will take place on Monday 25th March. Pupils should be studying hard!

Good luck!

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