NNC Friday Bundle 01.10.21

Hello again everyone

Attachments this week:
PTA Agenda
Dress as a Scarecrow Day
PTA Dress as a Scarecrow Trail
Nursery Menu
Please don’t throw me out!

Maths Week
We’ve had a very busy Maths Week in nursery with lots of problem solving, measuring, weighing, hunting for shapes and coding. You can get a flavour of some of the experiences the children have been involved in through our twitter page @sand_nc

Coffee & Chat
Our first ‘Coffee and Chat’ sessions this week were a great success and we would like to thank the staff and parents who were able to attend. We’ve had some really positive feedback and are glad that you find the information we share through Learning Links and Friday Bundles really useful. If you were unable to attend and have any comments, questions or queries please just contact us in the usual way.

Netherlee PTA
If you’ve not had the chance to join our Netherlee PTA or would like to attend one of the PTA meetings there is an opportunity on Wednesday 6th October. The agenda is attached and all you have to do is contact the PTA via email by clicking on the PTA page of the website and email them, they will send you the virtual joining instructions.   Our PTA do a fantastic job of improving and maintaining our school and nursery grounds and also organising lots of fundraising events for Netherlee families.   One example of this is the Scarecrow Trail- please see attachments.

Recycling and Reusing
Children (and the staff) are always busy creating and planning exciting projects. You can help us out by not throwing away any of the items on the list attached as we would love to have them. We just ask that you make sure items are clean and free from residue. We love to be resourceful in Netherlee and we use as many natural or recyclable materials as possible. If you ever come across anything else that you think we might find useful, please speak to staff at drop off or pick up or send us a quick email nurserymail@netherlee.e-renfrew.sch.uk.  Thank you.

New Lunch Menu
Please find attached our new Nursery Lunch Menu for the next few weeks. We love to see how the children respond to their food and often hear ‘this is really yummy!’ or ‘this is the best carrot soup ever!’

Have a lovely weekend.

Yvonne Donaldson (HT) and Angela Kerr (PT)