Friday Bundle 24.09.2021

Hello everyone,

Attachments this Week:
NHS Letter from Jason Leitch

We have been very busy in school and nursery preparing lots of interesting learning experiences for our children to enjoy next week during Maths Week.  A huge thank you to our Netherlee Maths Champions, Mrs McKinlay and Miss Holden for all of their work in sourcing and organising these activities as well as to Mrs Sweeney and Mr Bryce for working with several parent and local business volunteers as well.  Please click on the link here to find out lots more.

We are delighted to share that our school and nursery have successfully achieved our 8th Eco Schools Green Flag Award. We are so proud of all of our children, staff, parents, and wider community who have contributed towards this success. The Green Flag Award is a visible indication of our commitment to Learning for Sustainability which has involved improving our school grounds, tackling litter in our playgrounds, and leading initiatives to support our health and wellbeing. We are looking forward to building on our successes this session and working towards our next Eco Schools Green Flag journey. A special thanks to Miss Jilly Bell and our PTA who have played a key part in helping us to achieve this fantastic achievement.

The Scottish Centre for Information and Language Teaching (SCILT) have launched an exciting poetry writing competition for pupils and their families whose first language is not English. Pupils are invited to write a poem in their ‘mother tongue’ and then record themselves, in an interesting, creative way, reciting the poem. This could be a video or voice recording or it could be a voice recording whilst showing some related art work.  We think this would be such a lovely activity for families to do, at home together, and would be a lovely way to share and celebrate the special diverse community of Netherlee.  If you and your child are interested in participating in this competition please contact Mr Stuart Bryce at school to let us know. The competition limits entries to 10 per school so at the moment we are only looking for anyone that is interested to email us by Wednesday 6th October, to let us know that they would like to take part. Please do not record anything at this time.  Once we have an idea of how many people are keen to participate we will get back in touch and confirm arrangements.

A little reminder that school will be closed tomorrow and on Monday for the September Weekend holiday.  I hope all families have an enjoyable time together and we will look forward to seeing our pupils again on Tuesday.

Mrs Yvonne Donaldson
Head Teacher