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Temporary closure update!

Good afternoon,

Temporary closure update!

Many apologies for the unavoidable closure of classrooms this afternoon. We have had engineers working at Kirkhill and the school will be ready for us all to return on Tuesday 15th December.

We look forward to seeing everyone then!

Thank you for your understanding and support

Thank you


Class Transition Sways Session 2020 – 2021

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming pupils back in August. The teachers have created a Sway for their new class with information to support all of our pupils when they return to Kirkhill.

These can be accessed by clicking on the links below;

Class Link to Sway

Continuing learning in light of Coronavirus

Continuing learning in light of Coronavirus

You will be well aware of the rapidly changing situation across the country due to the coronavirus. As you know schools, in line with everyone else, are following national guidance which in itself is necessarily changing on a daily basis. More information is available from the NHS at

At the moment all schools and Early Learning and Childcare Centres remain open. However, over the next few days and weeks, it is possible that an increased number of pupils and staff will catch the virus and have to stay at home.  This will mean whole families having to stay at home for long periods of time, unable to come to school or go to work.

To help with our planning to continue to offer opportunities for learning we would be grateful if you could answer the following questions via the following link:

  1. Do you or your child’s other responsible parent/carer work in one of the following sectors:
    1. NHS/Social Care
    2. Other emergency service
    3. Other critical service, please specify
  2. Are you currently, or will you likely be in the coming days, working from home (subject to the agreement of your employer)?
  3. Does your household have access to the internet and WiFi?

I know this is a worrying time for everyone and I want to assure you that we are working hard to plan for different situations and continue to provide learning and teaching for our children and young people. We will continue to communicate with you through our usual channels on the arrangements for your child. Please continue to follow the updates provided through the school and Council social media sites.


Kind Regards

Liz Edmonstone

Head Teacher

Home Learning Websites

For those of you who may find yourself at home over the next few days, here are some super activities to keep your brain active and your skills fresh! All of these websites are free to use and will help reinforce previously taught concepts. Please click on the picture below.

So what challenge will you take on today? Tweet us at @KirkhillPS  #kpshomelearning

Equity at Kirkhill – Getting it right for our learners

We were delighted to welcome Christine McGovern our Educational Psychologist to a session for parents and carers today on equity and getting it right for our learners at Kirkhill. Christine shared her knowledge and experience as an Educational Psychologist and one of our teachers Mrs Jamieson shared her experiences as a parent of a child with additional support needs.

Thank you to both for sharing your knowledge and experience and to the parents/carers that came along, we hope you found it informative!

We will be holding another session for parents and carers very soon focusing on positive relationships and our new relationship policy at Kirkhill. More information will follow.

Please find the slides from our Equity presentation below.

Getting it Right Kirkhill

Kirkhill Anti-Bullying Policy

We recently updated our anti-bullying policy. Thank you to our pupils and parents who have helped to create this and for your ideas.  The document can be accessed through the following link;

In January some of our pupils will be working with Miss Harvey to create a pupil friendly version to have in our classrooms and to support everyone in Kirkhill Primary.


Different outdoor learning experiences offer opportunities for personal and learning skills development in areas such as communication, problem solving, information technology, working with others and thinking skills. Learning in the outdoors can make significant contributions to literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. Therefore, outdoor learning offers many opportunities for learners to deepen and contextualise their understanding within curriculum areas, and for linking learning across the curriculum in different contexts and at all levels.

(Learning and Teaching Scotland, 2010)

At Kirkhill Primary we strive to provide regular outdoor learning experiences for all our children.  As a school we have a fantastic outdoor space which can be used across the curriculum to develop our children socially, emotionally and academically. During last session we had a super Science Garden added to our fantastic Eco garden and we can’t wait to explore here and other areas of our school grounds!

To allow all pupils to access outdoor learning in the changeable Scottish weather, we would appreciate the children bringing in outdoor clothing (wellies, rain jackets and trousers) on days they will be learning outdoors. Class teachers will let you know via the class blogs the days that these are required so that you can keep them at home on other days.  Also, if you have any spare items which your child is not using any more and you are happy to give these to the school, please put this in a bag with it clearly labelled as spare clothing for the school to allow items to be shared with our families. Please contact us if you do not have clothing and we will endeavor to supply necessary clothing for outdoors.

Thank you in advance with your support with outdoor learning and please get in touch if you have any questions. This support will allow our children to have a fantastic time learning outdoors come rain or shine!

Supporting your child with transitions

Thank you to our talented Primary 5 pupils for creating short presentations to support all of our children with transition from stage to stage. The link below takes you to a booklet for every class. The booklets capture general information about next session. Please share these with your children over the holiday period.


Change to Dates 2019/20 session

The UK Government have announced that the May bank holiday in 2020 has been moved from Monday 4th May 2020 to Friday 8th May 2020. This is to coincide with planned celebrations to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The week beginning Monday 4th May 2020 will now run as follows;

Monday 4 May 2020             School Open

Tuesday 5 May 2020             School Open

Wednesday 6 May 2020       School Open

Thursday 7 May 2020         In-service Day (pupils off)

Friday 8 May 2020               Public Holiday (school closed)

In addition there are two extra in-service days that have been added to the calendar for next session

Wednesday 12 February 2020 (pupils off)

Tuesday 26 May 2020  (pupils off)