Sports events!


Each stage recently held their own sports events.  Pupils had a great time and showed great sportsmanship throughout.  We missed having our community there to cheer us on this year but fear not – our digital leaders were on hand to capture all of the events.  We have made a video for you to catch up on the action – enjoy!

Who will be the winning house??

Dance & Drama After School Activities – “A Wee Pause” – Please Read

Dear Families,
We hope you’ve shared a happy, safe weekend.
Please be advised, unfortunately all Dance and Drama and P7 Dance Fest after school classes will NOT run this week.
Classes will run from 14th – 18th June as normal for the final session of the term.
P6 Dance Fest will run as normal this week Tuesday 8th June with Miss Howat.
All Sport activities will also run as normal. 
We thank you for you support and understanding at this time and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Have a great week ahead!
Mr Swan

Please bring your devices to school

  Scottish Government Devices  

We need to do an inventory of all of our devices that were issued during remote learning.  If your child was given a device (an iPad or a laptop) can you please return it to the school by Friday 18th June so that we can carry out the inventory.  The device should be returned with its charger and bag (if you were provided with one).

Please do not worry – the device will be returned to your child in August as the device has been allocated to them, not the school.

If it would benefit your child to have their device during the summer period then please email and this can be arranged.

P7 pupils will not have their device returned to them as their secondary school will issue them with a new device when they start S1.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This Week’s Star Pupils – W/C 24th May



Primary 1

1A -Blair – for trying hard to work independently.

       Quinn – for using her phonics to segment and blend in reading

1C – Jamie-Lee – being a Star Reader

1F – Aimee – for wonderful work and growing in confidence

1M – Lewis – for thinking like an engineer to solve a design problem.

Joke of the week:
What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An investigator!

Primary 2

2B – Ava – for always working hard

2S – Ffion – Super Sportswoman at P2 Sports Day

2T – Shannon – for her enthusiasm, effort and encouragement at Sports Day


Primary 3

3H – Whole class – for participation in Sports Day


Primary 4

4E – Jessica – super effort at Sports Day

4K – Whole Class – being such a kind and welcoming class

4M – Ava – Having more confidence in herself to complete challenging activities


Primary 5

5K – Trying hard to learn all about percentages


Primary 6

6A – Callum – for being patient when his toe has been healing

6F – Mason – being the standout football player

6M – Mitchell – creating and sharing excellent persuasive writing


Primary 7

7H – Derryl – for outstanding bravery and teamwork at the Tree Top Trials on Monday

7Mc – Millie – for being an excellent participant during sports training at Kilmarnock College


Deputy Head Teacher’s Award

Sophie 2B – for achieving a Blue Peter Badge


Reports and Parent Appointments

Children will be coming home with their reports today.  Please complete the online form for your child’s Parent Appointment next week.


P2B Miss Baillie
P2K Mrs Kidd
P2S Mrs Saxelby
P2T Miss Telford
P3H Miss Hamilton
P3N Mrs Nelson
P3St Mrs Strain
P4El Miss Ellis
P4K Mrs Klein   Email sent to parents
P4M Miss Binnie
P5C Miss Cook
P5Ca Mrs Carten
P5K Mrs Kilpatrick
P5M Mrs Merrick
P6A Miss Anderson
P6F Mr Franchi
P6M Mr McClure
P7H Howat
P7M Mrs Mills
P7Mc McNichol

P4 & P5 Gardening Club – Sign Up

Hi Families!

Mrs Merrick & Miss Anderson are excited to offer our P4 and P5 pupils the opportunity to develop our outdoor spaces including the creation of our Fairy Garden, flower, vegetable and fruit beds and make our community spaces special.

Miss Anderson will work with our P4s and Mrs Merrick will work with our P5s.

There is a limit of 10 pupils per group which will be allocated on a first come first served basis by completing the form below. Confirmation will be given via letter by Mr Swan on Wednesday.

Day/Time: P4 – Thursday 2.50pm – 3.45pm

Day/Time: P5 – Thursday 3.05pm – 4pm

Gardening Club will run from this Thursday 27th May, every Thursday, with the final session on Thursday 17th June.

Pupils will be collected from their class and will all be signed out from the school Main Entrance.


If you have any questions, please contact Mr Swan on


This Weeks Star Pupils W/C 17th May




Primary 1

1C – Oscar – for being a writing superstar!

1F – Scott – a big improvement in all your written work

1M – Shebli – for perseverance with a challenge?

Joke of the week:
What does Winnie the Pooh walk on?
His bear feet!

Primary 2

2B – Paislie – for always showing respect to pupils and staff in Onthank Primary.

2K – Hallie – for building new friendships in class to feel happy.

2S – Holly – for being an excellent leader in learning

2T – Eilidh – for excellent art work


Primary 3

3H – Layton – super story writing


Primary 4

4E – Hannah – for making super progress with her times table

4M – Nathan – trying his best with his imaginative writing


Primary 5

5K – Blair – hardworking attitude to classwork

5M – James – good listening and great thoughtful responses in class


Primary 6

6A – Cameron – for improved listening & focus when completing work

6F – Emily – Big improvement in maths

6M – Luke – for super fitness and effort during the daily mile


Primary 7

7Mc – Sophie – for always being such a Positive Person


Deputy Head Teacher’s Award

Mia P2B – Super Writing