Home Learning Week beginning 1.3.21


This week we have been working on all common words. Make sure you can read and spell all of them. Next week we will be learning a new phoneme.

Common Word Wall


Each group has a new book on their Bug Club account. Answer the bugs on each page.

Ladybirds- The Mermaids and the Dolphin

Glow-worms- Timmy’s Snowball

Spiders- What is in my net?


This week we have been buying things from the toy shop and paying with coins with the exact amount up to 20p. Some of you have found it tricky. Try counting up small amounts of coins; start with amounts up to 10p then try up to 20p.

Home Learning Week beginning 22.2.21


Welcome back everyone! We’re so pleased to see you all again. We will continue to use our blog to share activities that reinforce our in class learning.


This is a consolidation week so we are doing activities in class to practise all of the phonemes  we have covered so far. Make sure you can read and spell all of your phonemes. We will be looking over common words next week so I have added them here too.

Phoneme Revision

Common Word Wall


We are continuing our work on money in class. We are making sure everyone is familiar with all coins and we are beginning to use coins to make amounts up to 20p.