8.3.21 Home learning


oi Phoneme


All groups have new fiction books allocated to their Bug Club accounts.

Ladybirds- The Cake Sale Goo

Glow-worms- Beetle Cookies

Spiders- Harry and the Dinosaurs had Fun


We have been continuing our work on money this week.

TRIANGLES have been working on giving change from 10p and 20p.

CIRCLES are working on making amounts with coins up to 10p.


We are enjoying our toy topic. We have been having lots of fun finding out about old toys and stories about how toys were created.

We have created a toy timeline on our wall that goes back 100 years! We would love to hear from families about what toys they played with when they were wee. Please find out from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents what they played with and which decade. Parents we would love if you could email Mrs Deans photos of your favourite toys for our display!

We had a really fun jigsaw session! Jigsaws are great for developing our co-operation, problem solving and perseverance.