Welcome Home

ood evening everyone and I hope you are all well.

We have been working incredibly hard with our amazing school and ECC staff, New Schools Team. architect and contractor in moving into our fabulous building.  We are really looking forward to seeing all of the children back tomorrow.

There are a few practicalities that we would like to go over.

There will be supervising staff in the playground from 8:45a.m. and we would appreciate it if the children would enter the playground after this time by themselves due to the covid restrictions.  Staff will be in place to receive the children and direct them to where they need to go.  Primary One children will be lining up at the ramp between the ECC and the school building.  The best entrance for all children is from Dick Road as they will be lining up on that side of the school.  All pupils will be able to line up in front of their teacher, for this week until they become used to the arrangements.  Children attending Peace will come to the lines from the Peace building (old dining hall).  Unfortunately we must request that in line with mitigations for Covid no parent/carers are permitted in the playground and we would be very appreciative of everyone following this ruling.

Due to the final checks and imminent sign off for the kitchen appliances only sandwich lunches will be available for the next three days.  Sandwich choices are cheese, ham or tuna, and fruit, water, milk, yogurt will also be added to these meals.  A new full menu will begin on Monday 26th April starting on week two.

I hope you are all excited and ready to return to school tomorrow.

KInd regards
Amanda Milne
Head Teacher

Remote Learning for Monday 19th

Learning for Monday 19th April 2021
We hope you all enjoyed a fabulous break and that you are looking forward to getting back to school.
Learning over the next two days will again be within our 4 Thinglink stage areas (each one also gives access to previous day’s Thinglinks).
For live sessions:

The stage specific sessions have the same pincode as before – links for web access or the room number if using the Vscene App are within the Thingklinks.   the family engagement session doesn’t have a pincode.
As before please email: eavirtualclassroom_support@eastayrshire.org.uk
if you have any issues or use one of the forms within the Thinglinks which are all monitored by teaching staff.

Have a great day

Remote Learning

We hope everyone enjoyed remote learning and our EAC virtual classroom via Thinglink today. Our live sessions were brilliant and everyone engaged amazingly. We would like to apologise that the Family engagement session didn’t happen due to last minute technical glitches, we’ve managed to rearrange this for the 19th April and look forward to seeing you there.

Tomorrow’s thinglinks are below.

P1 –      https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1433499831388602370

P2/3 – https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1433813483199135747

P4/5 – https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1433766950525206531

P6/7 – https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1433807211179540483

Access, like today, for the live sessions is via the link within the Thinglink (for laptops) or by the Vscene App ( for tablets- codes in the Thinglink). The pincode for each stage remains the same, the family session as this is for all pupils doesn’t require a pincode.

if you require any help or would like to share work, please use the forms within the Thinglinks or email: eavirtualclassroom_support@eastayrshire.org.uk

We hope you have a great holiday when it comes.

Live Lessons Exceptional Closure Days

Here is the timetable of Live lessons on the exceptional closure days.

  P1 P2 & P3  P4 & P5 P6 & P7
Wednesday 31st March


11.30- 12.00 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy)


10.00-10.30 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30-2.00 LOST Sound Quiz

2.30 – 3.00 LOST – Den Building


11.00-11.30 TCV- Green Gym (1of4)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy

10.00 -10.30 LOST- Create a game


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 – 2.00pm Creative Minds (1 of 2)

Thursday 1st April


11.30 – 12.00 Music (1of2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30- 2.00 LOST Tiny Treasure Hunt

12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 – 2.00 Music (1of2)


10.00-10.30 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


11.00-11.30 TCV- Green Gym (2of4)


2.30 – 3.00 Music (1 of2)

10.00 – 10.30 Music (1of2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 -2.00 Creative Minds (2 of 2)

Monday 19th April


11.00-11.30 Boost your mood and your fitness


1.30- 2.00 Creative Minds (2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 Boost your mood and your fitness


2.30 – 3.00 LOST – Sound Mapping

10.00-10.30 Creative Minds ( 2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 TCV – Green Gym (3of4)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness

10.00 – 10.30 Music (2 of2)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness


Tuesday 20th April


10.00-10.30 Music (2 of2)


11.00-11.30 – Boost your mood and your fitness


10.00 -10.30am Creative Minds (2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 – Boost your mood and your fitness


1.30- 2.00 Music (2 of2)

11.00-11.30 TCV – Green Gym (4of4)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness


2.30 – 3.00 Julie (2 of2)

11.00-11.30 LOST- Build a Bridge


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness



Remote Learning for Exceptional Closure Days

Dear Parent/Carer,  

We are delighted to be able to confirm the arrangements for the forthcoming school closure days.  For the purposes of online learning, we have split all pupils into the following stages: P1, P2/3, P4/5 and P6/7.    

Learning each day will be delivered via a stage specific daily Thingink (tomorrow’s link at the end).  The Thinglink contains all links, activities, recorded content, the joining codes for all live sessions and methods for communicating with staff for support if required.    

Each stage will be able to participate in minimum of 2 live sessions each day .  Each live session is specific to a stage and delivered by EAC staff.  The live sessions are fully interactive and don’t need resources, just our pupils willing to participate and have fun.  All live sessions will be hosted on our Vscene platform.  The school will text each parent a pincode which is unique to their child’s stage and allows access to the live sessions, this pincode will be the same for each stages’ live session for the four days.  The links are specific to the session and accessed via the daily Thinglink 

Within our Thinglinks are also a range of methods to access support.  We have at least 2 members of staff at each live session and staff available to offer remote support related to Thinglinks throughout the day.  Within the Thinglinks pupils can complete a support form which staff will monitor between 9am and 3pm each day and respond as quickly as they can, there is also a parental feedback form.  We also have a monitored email address: eavirtualclassroom_support@eastayrshire.org.uk this can be used by pupils or parents as required, we’d also love to see work (if you are happy for this to be shared on social media please note this). 

The Thinglinks for Wednesday 31st March are;  

If you have any questions please email on eavirtualclassroom_support@eastayrshire.org.uk 

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