Remote Learning

We hope everyone enjoyed remote learning and our EAC virtual classroom via Thinglink today. Our live sessions were brilliant and everyone engaged amazingly. We would like to apologise that the Family engagement session didn’t happen due to last minute technical glitches, we’ve managed to rearrange this for the 19th April and look forward to seeing you there.

Tomorrow’s thinglinks are below.

P1 –

P2/3 –

P4/5 –

P6/7 –

Access, like today, for the live sessions is via the link within the Thinglink (for laptops) or by the Vscene App ( for tablets- codes in the Thinglink). The pincode for each stage remains the same, the family session as this is for all pupils doesn’t require a pincode.

if you require any help or would like to share work, please use the forms within the Thinglinks or email:

We hope you have a great holiday when it comes.

Live Lessons Exceptional Closure Days

Here is the timetable of Live lessons on the exceptional closure days.

  P1 P2 & P3  P4 & P5 P6 & P7
Wednesday 31st March


11.30- 12.00 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy)


10.00-10.30 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30-2.00 LOST Sound Quiz

2.30 – 3.00 LOST – Den Building


11.00-11.30 TCV- Green Gym (1of4)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy

10.00 -10.30 LOST- Create a game


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 – 2.00pm Creative Minds (1 of 2)

Thursday 1st April


11.30 – 12.00 Music (1of2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30- 2.00 LOST Tiny Treasure Hunt

12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 – 2.00 Music (1of2)


10.00-10.30 Creative Minds (1 of 2)


11.00-11.30 TCV- Green Gym (2of4)


2.30 – 3.00 Music (1 of2)

10.00 – 10.30 Music (1of2)


12.30 -1.00pm Family Literacy


1.30 -2.00 Creative Minds (2 of 2)

Monday 19th April


11.00-11.30 Boost your mood and your fitness


1.30- 2.00 Creative Minds (2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 Boost your mood and your fitness


2.30 – 3.00 LOST – Sound Mapping

10.00-10.30 Creative Minds ( 2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 TCV – Green Gym (3of4)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness

10.00 – 10.30 Music (2 of2)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness


Tuesday 20th April


10.00-10.30 Music (2 of2)


11.00-11.30 – Boost your mood and your fitness


10.00 -10.30am Creative Minds (2 of 2)


11.00-11.30 – Boost your mood and your fitness


1.30- 2.00 Music (2 of2)

11.00-11.30 TCV – Green Gym (4of4)


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness


2.30 – 3.00 Julie (2 of2)

11.00-11.30 LOST- Build a Bridge


1.30-2.00 Boost your mood and your fitness



Remote Learning for Exceptional Closure Days

Dear Parent/Carer,  

We are delighted to be able to confirm the arrangements for the forthcoming school closure days.  For the purposes of online learning, we have split all pupils into the following stages: P1, P2/3, P4/5 and P6/7.    

Learning each day will be delivered via a stage specific daily Thingink (tomorrow’s link at the end).  The Thinglink contains all links, activities, recorded content, the joining codes for all live sessions and methods for communicating with staff for support if required.    

Each stage will be able to participate in minimum of 2 live sessions each day .  Each live session is specific to a stage and delivered by EAC staff.  The live sessions are fully interactive and don’t need resources, just our pupils willing to participate and have fun.  All live sessions will be hosted on our Vscene platform.  The school will text each parent a pincode which is unique to their child’s stage and allows access to the live sessions, this pincode will be the same for each stages’ live session for the four days.  The links are specific to the session and accessed via the daily Thinglink 

Within our Thinglinks are also a range of methods to access support.  We have at least 2 members of staff at each live session and staff available to offer remote support related to Thinglinks throughout the day.  Within the Thinglinks pupils can complete a support form which staff will monitor between 9am and 3pm each day and respond as quickly as they can, there is also a parental feedback form.  We also have a monitored email address: this can be used by pupils or parents as required, we’d also love to see work (if you are happy for this to be shared on social media please note this). 

The Thinglinks for Wednesday 31st March are;  

If you have any questions please email on 

Tuesday 30th March

Please be advised that activities will take place in school on Tuesday 30th March to celebrate the last day at Kirkstyle Campus.  Children are welcome to come to school in their casual clothes.  Buses will return to Loanhead, Dick Road as normal at 3pm.  A special Easter lunch menu has been arranged as follows:

Loanhead Update

Good morning everyone and I hope you are all safe and well.

For your assurance whenever we are informed of any possible positive Covid 19 case we treat it as positive and follow the stringent protocol in place immediately.  This is to ensure that all of those who could possibly be impacted are informed and that all areas with potential virus contact is cleaned with virucide. During the time when the school has been split the instructions from the authority have been that only those who were in school should be included in any communication especially as there is “stay at home” message for everyone in place.  However after I passed on concerns this has changed and from now on all parents will receive communication.  I hope this reassures everyone.

I went on another site visit and a great deal of work has taken place in the four weeks since my last one.  The top two stories of the main building are completed and the dining hall and kitchens are almost installed.  The Early Childhood Centre is nearing completion and the second visit with the Care Commission takes place on the 22nd March.  The new school furniture has been ordered and delivery has begun. We are busy preparing for the move back over the Easter break and hopefully we will be able to send out some pictures soon. You will also see that the playground space is beginning to take shape and the MUGA pitch is complete.   During the two exceptional closure days before and the two after the break there will be remote learning provided and supported by staff to make sure that educational provision is made for the children.

We are looking forward to having the rest of the school back in school learning and many thanks go to everyone who has helped and supported the children during remote learning.   Bus numbers are as follows:

  1. Bus 1 as it is now, P1 and P2
  2. Bus 2 as it is now, P3 with the addition of the Primary 4 children from Mr deVry’s class,
  3. Bus 3 will be P4 and P5
  4. Bus 4 will be P6/5, P6 and P7.

This will allow us to maintain our current bubbles and in class pods.  I appreciate that it means some parents are collecting from two different buses but it is the safest way to do this for the short period of time we have before the break.

We would appreciate it if you could ensure the office have your most up to date telephone number and email as many of the numbers we have been calling of late have no longer been in use.  We understand that people forget to update the school especially if your child is home learning but telephone and email are principal ways for us to get in touch with you individually.   If you could email these details to the school or phone the office it would be greatly appreciated.
We are looking forwards to seeing all of the children back on Monday.

Please take care.

Mrs Milne

Wellbeing Session: A practical approach for Parents/Carers

To all Parents/Carers, you are invited to take part in a remote session that will focus on ‘Wellbeing: A practical approach for parents/carers’.  This session will be run by Catrina O’Neil, SAC HWB Families & Communities Education Manager,  on Tuesday 9th March from 6.30pm to 7.30pm via Vscene and will focus on parental/carer self care.

If you are interested in joining this session please email Catrina.O’ to book your place and to receive the joining instructions.


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