Feb 112016

Well done to Aimee Hay who won the Burns drawing competition. Also well done to Shalisse McMahon who was the runner up.

Feb 112016

Well done to the following S1 Art and Design students who took part in a competition organised by PC Hurren. The competition was to create a piece of artwork based on health and wellbeing “Choices For Life”. The winners are: Marc Ferguson, Charlie Parker, Ryan Bartolo and Kieran Shek. Their entries will now be put forward to compete in the East Ayrshire finals.

Feb 102016


Have you heard? This Friday we are having a Dress Down Day. The theme is a bad hair day. It will cost £1 to participate and the money raised will be going towards the schools Dyslexia Friendly Schools group to buy in more fidgets, overlays and other aids to help our learners.

Feb 032016

We are delighted to be working with the Conservation Trust Volunteers to support us with the development of our school groups. Susan Rutherford visited us recently at the school and showed an excellent eye for opportunities. We have identified a plot of green space measuring 10m x 30m that will be transformed to create an fantastic area for our students. This area will be used as a teaching area as well as an area to encourage physical activity and to socialise. The initial plans will be to clear the area of surrounding tarmac and introduce new trees and some picnic benches.
The John Muir Award group will take on the challenge to get the area prepped and ready for use for their fellow students. This is an excellent opportunity for STEM groups and John Muir Award initiatives to sustain the area for future learning. The work is due to commence in the first week of February and hopefully the wild flowers will be blooming in the Spring.

Feb 022016

This year’s Award candidates have recently completed their Physical and Skills sections for their Bronze level. The Physical section saw a range of fitness, weight training and team games development. One group worked on cardio improvement using cardio machines such as the cross trainer, running machine and exercise bikes, other chose to use team games to improve their fitness by participating in netball, basketball and badminton. The third group used the facilities at the Doon Valley Leisure Centre to work with free weights to improve their lifting power.
There have been some excellent examples of Skills development from the group, who have used photography, card tricks, running, art, astrology and story writing to name some of the project themes undertaken. The photography students created a social media page to exhibit their work, the card trick candidates entertained as they mastered a couple of card tricks and bamboozled their peers. Two keen runners attended the Stranraer 10k race in November along with a struggling Teacher and successfully completed the route with a respectable time. The library will benefit from the efforts of the art group who have produced some magnificent canvasses replicating famous book covers that will be displayed on the library walls.

Jan 192016

seasons of growth

What is Seasons for Growth?

• An eight week programme for young people to learn about how to cope with significant changes in their lives, such as death, divorce or separation.

It’s an education programme, not therapy or counselling.

• A small group of young people work through the programme with two adult ‘Companions’ who’ve been trained in delivering the course.
• Seasons for Growth explores important concepts such as change, loss, feelings, coping, memories, decision making and support networks. It uses the seasons of the year as an analogy for the different phases of coping with change.
• It helps young people to recognise their emotions and understand why they are feeling that way. It also gives constructive ways to cope with the reactions they have to change in their lives.

Seasons for Growth is an enjoyable, creative and safe learning experience.

Are you interested in taking part?

Mrs Wood, Mr Kelly and Miss Neil are all trained Companions. Speak to any one of them, in confidence, to discuss whether Seasons for Growth is the right course for you.

Information taken from Seasons for Growth Programme Information for parents and carers

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