Murray is a Winner!

Huge well done to our Leswalt Primary 5 pupil Murray Reid for winning this year’s Millennium Centre Light Switch-on poster competition – out of all our local primary schools!

He will be enjoying a trip on Santa’s Float and be part of Stranraer’s Light Switch-on this Saturday. Look out for his winning poster on display as part of the town’s Christmas celebrations too.
What a fantastic achievement Murray!


Update – here are some of his fabulous photos from Saturday!

Leswalt visit Lactalis!

Lactalis Cheese Factory and McLelland Cheese Packing 

On Thursday 23rd of November, Leswalt P5-7 class went on a trip to Lactalis Stranraer. We started off in the meeting room, learning about the history of Lactalis (it’s owned by a French family), how it has grown over the years and the health and safety rules and guidelines which are really important to keep employees safe and produce top quality cheese. 

Then group 1 went to cheese packaging across the road from the main factory. Meanwhile group 2 went down into the cheese production factory to see how the cheese was made starting from the milk being delivered and through every stage (curds and whey and the use of ‘good’ bacteria) to the finished product of 20Kg blocks of cheese. This is all done in an area where there are HUGE machines. There is a lot of engineering and Science involved in making such tasty cheese. There was even a small museum there showing the ways in which cheese had been produced over the years. 

After that, the Groups came back to the meeting room and tasted different types of cheese. The types of cheese that we tried were mild, medium, mature and extra mature cheddar. That’s not something that we get to do every Thursday! 

Lastly, the two groups swapped over, and group 1 went to cheese production and group two went to cheese packaging. At cheese packaging is across the road at the McLelland Cheese Packaging plant and we watched the 20Kg blocks pass through on different lines to be unwrapped, then cut, sliced or grated, packaged up and sealed and then packed ready to go out for delivery. If the bits of cheese are too small, they get collected up and get sent off to be grated. 

Lactalis are working really hard on eco issues and recycle all their cardboard, are trialling some recyclable plastic packaging and are investing in producing their own power to run machinery. There are solar panels planned for next year. 

Do you know that Stranraer’s factory produces and packs cheese products to be sent all over the world?! And we learnt that there are so many different jobs at the factory – it was really interesting. 

Overall, we had a fabulous time at both factories, and we would all like to thank all the staff at Lactalis for giving up their time to show us around. 

Thank you! 

Report written by Faye Adams and Brandon Millar (P7) 


Future Fuels with the Glasgow Science Centre Team!

Report by Ela and Ellie…

Today, Aileen and Ross from the Glasgow Science Centre team came to our school with their roadshow called ‘Future Fuels’. Aileen told us about Fossil Fuels and why it is so important to find renewable energy sources. She showed us an experiment using methanol and demonstrated the Fire Triangle which  needs Oxygen, heat and fuel to work. The tiny amount of methanol made a huge bang when the Fire Triangle was completed but this is not something which can be easily controlled. It can be super dangerous (that’s why she demonstrated it wearing safety goggles and using safety equipment!)

She told us about research which is going into some amazing projects like the Solar Array in California, the Hydrogen Plant outside of Rome, Italy, the Solar Car Race which is held in Australia (Kaiden and Katie competed – the KGs!- competed in a mini version of this using a tiny car with a solar panel and a torch as the light source) and the Solar Impulse II which is an solar panelled plane! It took 505 days to travel all the way around the world so not handy for your summer holidays in the sunshine just yet, but maybe in the future!

Ross then demonstrated all ten exhibits which we were allowed to play with and investigate the different renewable power sources. The exhibits were called:

Directional Drilling        Nuclear Reactor        Solar Array        Windmill Kit

Million Watt Drop        Three Phase Generator        Crank Power        50 Hz

Hydrogen Launcher        Hand Crank Generator

We had a great morning finding out about Science of the Future! Thanks to Ross and Aileen for visiting us.



Community Police Visit

Following on from yesterday’s World Children’s Day, PC Walker visited Leswalt Primary this afternoon to talk about UNCRC Rights of a Child and the role the police play in keeping us all safe.

Working in our assembly groups, we all chatted about our rights and what each article meant for us day-to-day. There was lots of chat about the right to be safe, to learn, to be fed, to be warm and to be listened to. PC Walker talked about adults who are there to help make sure children’s rights are met. We also talked about the importance of respecting the rights of others.
There was time for a chat about the ‘day in the life of a police officer’ and how there is no typical day for them. She told us about the age at which you can be charged with a criminal offences – it’s 12! Some of us thought that was a bit too old… what do you think?

Many thanks to PC Walker for taking the time to come and speak to us.

UNCRC Rights of the Child – Article 17 Access to Information

Leswalt does Children in Need!

Pupils and staff rocked up to school today wearing blue (to support World Children’s Day on Mon 20th November) and with their pockets full of pennies to add to our Children in Need collection bucket!
All week, House Captains had been manning their Children in Need merchandise shop and selling Pudsey ears, pens and pin badges. Their shop was super busy – with lots of money being raised.
As a school, we checked out the Children in Need website and chatted about where our donations go and how they are used to help children.
Grand total to follow… thanks for everyone’s support!

Skills Development Scotland

The Primary 7 boys and girls from the North Rhins Partnership had a visit to Skills Development Scotland today.

As part of Developing the Young Workforce, Lucy, Kathryn & Connor gave the pupils an overview of the careers services available at Stranraer Academy.

Our pupils learned that they will have a subject choice chat in S2, with follow up visits for each other year to help them plan career options more fully.  Lucy explained that Skills Development Scotland is available to everyone at any time in our community to help find jobs.

There was a mixer game where children played ‘Would You Rather?’ This was a game to help the children make careers decisions based on their preferences and interests.

They then played ‘Shark Island!’ In groups, the children had to decide which 3 of 5 people they would choose to help them escape from an island.  Their choices were based on the careers of the five individuals. There was a change of mind once more information was given on the people’s backgrounds. It was a very interesting discussion.

Hamish, Atticus and Cara volunteered to role play career characters. The children had to work out what jobs they might do based on their props and outfits.

Finally, we were shown the My World of Work careers advice website with industry sector information and job videos. It was very informative.

Our thanks to Skills Development Scotland team. Today was a great workshop for Developing the Young Workforce and for strengthening our pre-transition friendships.

UNCRCR Rights of the Child – Article 29 Aims of Education

Book Bags for P1-3

As part of our Book Week Scotland celebrations, P1-3 pupils all received a Bookbug (P1) or a Read, Write, Count (P2-3) bag this afternoon, as part of the Scottish Government and Scottish Book Trust initiative. Parents/carers popped into school to learn how to use the bags at home to make the most of the learning opportunities that they offer.

After pupils were gifted with their bags, everyone then spent the final 20-minutes of the day exploring and enjoying the contents of the bags. Pupils cosied up and read their new books, some played the dominoes card game, P1 pupils practised writing words on their new whiteboards, and others got their thinking caps on to have a go at the tricky tangram puzzles!

Please check school bags tonight for the wonderful resources that P1-3 pupils have brought home with them. And thank-you to everyone who took the time to come into school today. Have a keek at the photos below to see the fun that everyone had!

Curling’s Cool!

Primary 7 from Portpatrick, Leswalt and Kirkcolm were treated to a curling experience at the North West Castle today.

The children were split into teams of 5 with each member allocated aged a role as either sweepers, throwers or a skip skip.

Gail gave a motivating speech, sharing the great Olympic success we have in our community. She explained the format of the day and the terminology of curling such as weight line, handle, stabiliser, slider and stone. Everyone enthusiastically got started with a warm up.

After a practice, the boys and girls were placed in teams. The winners were judged on the best performance out of eight tries of getting a stone as close to the target as possible.

There was a break for juice and biscuits kindly provided by the North West Castle. Our thanks to all the coaches and to the Castle for their kind hosting.
Our groups did very well in their teams and were praised for their strong results.  Each participant received a certificate and an invitation to return for the curling club sessions.

UNCRC Rights of the Child – Article 15 Setting Up & Joining Groups.

Leswalt Primary Remember…

Today the pupils of Leswalt Primary headed to the war memorial to pay their respects ahead of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

Before we left, we watched a short video clip from PoppyScotland and talked about the reasons behind the poppies which the House Captains Hamish and Carys had been visiting each class with over the last week. We took some time to think about how their donations would be used and why they were needed. We also found out a little about the history of the poppy and then, taking our own home-crafted willow wreath, we set off for Leswalt’s war memorial.

There we read the inscriptions on the memorial, the House Captains laid our wreath and we held our own two minute silence as pupils showed their respect to all those past and present who have served their country.

Happy Retirement Mrs Dinsmore!

Mrs Dinsmore popped into school on Wednesday to say a fond farewell to her time as Clerical Assistant at Leswalt Primary – a post which she has been in for 23 years!

Staff celebrated Mrs Dinsmore’s well-deserved retirement with some tea and cake (kindly made by Michelle, Daisy’s mum) and presented her with some gifts and cards from all in the school community.

Thank you for all of your hard work at Leswalt Primary – we’ll miss you and hope you’ll pop back into school from time to time to visit!

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