Headteachers for the day

As part of the Children in Need fundraising, Alexander and Ewan Clark sold the most quiz sheets.  As a reward, they were allowed to be “Headteacher”.  They started their slot in charge of Leswalt Primary be sending out an email to all parents;

“Hellow just to say Leswalt primary is the best.
If we wear head techer we would have a big foot ball mach and some pet sheep in the play ground.
Can you mums and dads give your children lots of sweets to night?
see you later alegater.”
Some parents entered into the spirit of the new regime and  quickly responded to the communication from their new leaders with “in a while crocodile!”
This was later followed by an update to all parents from the real Mrs Baillie;

“Good afternoon

I have moved from Leswalt Primary to Portpatrick  this afternoon, to leave Leswalt Primary under the shared leadership of Messers Clark.
I have just telephoned the school to speak to the Headteacher.  They have reassured me all is well under their control.  When I have asked what they have done this afternoon , apparently  they have sat back in the office and enjoyed a hot chocolate and Kit Kat (please note this is not standard practice by the Headteacher at Leswalt.)
And,  “Ewan has played Friv” and “Alexander has made up a powerpoint for Mrs F”. 
The dynamic duo is also about to embark on implementing  their fun idea of a whole school football match.
Sadly for all involved, normal service shall resume tomorrow .”
Here is a happy picture of the headies, hard at work!

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