Operations Safety Know-How for P6!

Our P6 pupils headed to Stair Park in Stranraer for their Operation Safety experience today.

The pupils picked up a wealth of information from 9 different activity stations; Ambulance, Drugs and Alcohol abuse, Coastguards, Online Safety, Electrical Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour, Cyber-bullying and more.

The Emergency Services get together to provide this information day for every P6 pupil and it has proved to be a fantastic learning experience for them.

Many thanks to Gael Gaw for accompanying our P6s along with Mrs Maxwell and Kirkcolm P6 pupils.

Bikeability for P-57

P5-7 have all achieved the Level 1 Bikeability! Over the last few weeks they have been out and about in the playground and on the road, led by Mrs McHarg and Mrs C Brown. They all now know how to do a bike check before hopping on their bike, and have picked up some handy tips and skills to keep them safe when out and about. We love the fact that the children are keen to be active, especially in this fine weather. Now we know they have the necessary skills to keep themselves safe too!

Yummy Leswalt Cream Teas Fundraiser.

Many, many thanks to everyone who supported the Cream Teas event in any way; everyone who baked, donated raffle prizes/bottles  or helped in any way.  Thank you, to Mrs  Louise Jamieson for helping to co-ordinate and organise the Cream Teas and to each and every person who played their part this afternoon – all the parents, pupils and friends of the school.  You are all stars.🌟

Thanks to your combined effort you have raised over £1000 for your school!

£906 profit was made on the day and the silent auction for the Stena Line Trip made an incredible £295,  taking the  total to over £1200!

Great team work!  Well done little Leswalt! 😊

* *Quiz update**

Many thanks to all those who entered our quiz. Mrs Smith was the winner!



Wedding Celebrations!

Don’t we all scrub up beautifully! Boys and girls came to school today dressed in their finery in honour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding. The girls had worked really hard in school this week to create the most gorgeous fascinators and hatinators and the boys had designed their very own funky ties. The children enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch outside too.

We were most honoured when Prince Harry and Meghan even managed to find some time to pop in to say ‘hi’! Wow!


Sunshine on Leswalt!

What a fabulous day we had enjoying Outdoor Education Day in the glorious sunshine!

P1-4 had a blast of a morning working together to build their mega-sized 3d junk castles! They all looked fabulous – fit for a knight.

P5-7 headed to Aldouran Wetlands to do some 2d triangle shape work. They built their own triangles then completed their ‘Boast Sheet’ full of all the facts and knowledge they had about different types of triangles. They then were busy in the garden back at school; weeding, sprucing up tubs, planting, watering and collecting any litter that had missed the bin.

Active children were the order of the day in the afternoon, enjoying team-games and Bikeability activities.

How we wished the sun could shine every day like this! We all had great fun…


Hello to our new P1s!

This morning we had seven very welcome visitors; Sophia, Sean, Ella, Ellie, Ewan, Hamish and Amelia came to spend an hour with us. They will be our new Primary one pupils in August and we are very much looking forward to having them. Their visits will build up over the next few weeks so they will get to know us, and we’ll get to know them! By all accounts, they seemed to enjoy themselves – look out for some photos to follow next week when they are not quite so camera shy!

P4 pupils made the BIG step through to the P5-7 classroom too. They all headed outside to take part in a Maths Treasure Hunt. Working in teams, they were all very busy 2d and 3d shape spotting, calculating area, finding angles and working with numbers found in the environment.

A very busy morning for all!

New P1 update – check out the snaps of our youngest visitors to Leswalt Primary. We are really enjoying their Tuesday visits! Hope they are too.

Primary 1 – The Shopkeepers!

As part of their Money topic, P1 have been running their playtime tuck-shop every day this week. This will run for this week and next. They have lots of yummy goodies for sale and, with just a little help from Mrs Smith, the P1 pupils are taking turns each day in manning their shop, taking orders, calculating amounts and giving change. Real-life maths and no mistake!

P2-6 love visiting the P1 tuck-shop and P1 seem to be relishing their jobs! They will use their hard-earned cash to treat themselves later in the term.

P1-4 – The Time Travellers…


P1-4 were thrilled to welcome back Kathryn Purchase with her History Alive presentation of ‘Knights and Castles’. This was a perfect way to launch our Castles topic and the children were fascinated with all the interesting facts and gory detail.  We can’t wait for the chance to have Kathryn back again!


“ I can see that when the Vikings were defeated, lots of castles were built.” Fraser

“It was interesting to find out about all the different parts in a castle.” Breagh

“ Early castles (motte and bailey) were made of wood and I didn’t know this.” Luke

“The church was overall ruler in medieval times.” Malcolm

“The walls of a castle could sometimes be as thick as our classroom!” Struan

“I liked finding out about the weapons used in a siege.” Murray


VERY Young Visitors Pop in to visit P1-4!

P1-4 are learning about babies and life cycles in HWB. We had some special little visitors into class to help us learn about how to care for a baby.  Kerr (4 months) and Olivia (13 weeks) popped in to see us with their mums, Alexa and Sarah.  The girls and boys had the chance to ask the mummies lots of questions and will now be taking on the challenge of caring for our own class baby, Baby Annabelle.

“I’m not looking forward to changing a nappy. I don’t really want to do it!”  Noah

“I now know how to hold a baby.” Brandon

“Washing the baby might be tricky!” Cara

“I’m not very keen on getting up in the middle of the night!” Malcolm