Fabulous finds for p5-7!

On Thursday 14th February, P5-7 from Leswalt Primary had a treat  when they were invited to come and meet Andy Nicholson, who is an archaeologist based in Dumfries. His special area of expertise is swords and swordsmanship. As they found out, Andy is passionate about his subject and enjoys taking part in battle re-enactments in his spare time. (He has even had TV and film parts)

He impressed the cildren with tales the injuries he has sustained as part of his hobby!  The children went to Stranraer Musuem as part of their topic on “The Scottish wars of Independence.”

The first exhibit at the Musuem was the Lockerbie sword. It is 3000 years old and from the middle bronze age. It was ploughed up by a farmer and remained under his son’s bed for 50 years before it was handed over to a museum! It is one of the earliest swords in the region.

Swords from this era looked like daggers. They were wide and sharp and heavy for slashing.

Another find was at Barnhills Farm near Corsewall. This sword was found in three pieces by a spring. It was deliberately broken and given as an offering at this holy site.

 After the talk, some good questions were asked. Tommy Kerslake asked about gridstones and honestones. The children then all had the chance to try lifting all the swords. Kerr Renwick in p7 was the only one who could lift the claymore with one hand!

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