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Non-Uniform Day!!

This year on Friday the 16th of March, our school are hosting a day that children can wear whatever they want!

It would be much appreciated if your child can bring a donation for charity. The charity that all the donations will go to is a charity called SCIAF. Here is a link to the SCIAF website,



Your child cant come to school in a football kit because it may cause arguments.

Thank you for your continued support.

World Book Day!

All over the world people dress up as characters from any book, but this year our school have made a twist! We are going to dress up as an adjective, for example, if you were going to dress up as warm you would wear something warm, and this will take place on the 8th of March!

In our school when we do events like this all teachers get involved and dress up too! Along with this we ask all children to bring in a donation to help a charity!

Everyone is able to send in donations in other words ALL DONATIONS WELCOME!!

For more information, check out the World Book Day website

Our School Staff

At St. Bernadette’s primary, our school staff are very friendly and they care for all of the children.

Here is a list of staff-

Head Teacher:

Mrs. McElroy

Principal Teacher:

Miss. MacDonald

Parish Priest:

Fr. Mike

Class Teachers:

Mrs. Morgan  P1

Mrs. MacLeod  and MIss. MacDonald  P2

Mrs. Clark  P3

Mrs. Cooper  P4

Miss Crawford  P5/6

Mr. Traquair  P6/7

Classroom Assistants:

Mrs. Watson

Mrs. Caproni

Miss Naismith

Mrs. Burney

Mrs. Mackie

Inclusion Support:

Mrs. McFarlane

Mrs. Hamilton

P.E. Teacher:

Mrs. Chance

Art Teacher:

Mr. Gough

Office Workers:

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Pitcairn

Dinner Ladies:

Miss. Scott is the Cook

Mrs. Marshall is the assistant cook


Mr. Muir