Legally Blonde Cast

Once again I would like to thank all pupils who put themselves into the spotlight and auditioned. It is not easy to stand up in front of a panel of teachers to act and sing solo. So a huge well done to all.


Here is the final list.

Character TGS Actor
Elle Katie H
Margot (Greek Chorus) Eilidh H
Serena (Greek Chorus) Lexie H
Pilar (Greek Chorus) Andrea T
Kate (Greek Chorus) Leah M
Emmett Ben F
Paulette Sophie M
Callahan Dylan B
Warner Frankie G
Vivienne Freya W
Brooke Sophie O
Enid Emiliy M-M
Kyle TBC
Elle’s Dad Stephen H
Elle’s Mum Arwen S


Aaron/Alice Holly M
Padamadan/Non American (Royalty) Anna S
Whitney Jenna L
Dewey Gregor B
TV/Radio Reporter – record/play a vox TBC
D.A. Joyce Riley Norah W
Nikos TBC
Judge Tabatha H
Chutney Alicia W
Saleswoman (chorus/swing) Anneli P
Store Manager (chorus/swing) Norah W
Grandmaster Chad (chorus/swing) Emily M
H&H Salesgirl Anneli P
Court stenographer (chorus/swing) Isla B
Bruiser (DOG) Archie if we can afford his fee
Rufus (DOG) Bear if he can overcome stage fright.


As ever there are limited parts available and we are sorry we can’t cast everyone in bigger roles, but we didn’t see a bad audition. So please do join us in the chorus and come back again next time.

Also please do take us up on the offer of a chat if you want to know what to do to get even better in future auditions.


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