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May 23, 2019
by Mrs Morgan

P2M Numeracy through PE

This morning we were developing our throwing skills. We practised under arm throwing and were trying to improve our aim and be more accurate.



Then we applied our measurement skills to find out how many metres we had covered. We worked as a team to measure as accurately as possible. We were challenged to try measuring in metres and centimetres to be even more accurate.  Next week we will be using our measurement skills to measure how far we can throw a javelin!




May 23, 2019
by Mrs Read

P7R investigate drugs and their effects with PC Crawford

PC Crawford led a very informative workshop about drugs and their effects with P7R. They looked at the definition of a drug:

“A drug is a substance other than food that can change how your body works, how you think , feel or behave.”

They explored 4 categories of drugs: over the counter medicines, prescribed drugs, socially acceptable drugs (caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes) and controlled illegal drugs.  They discussed stimulants, depressants and hallucinogenic drugs, examining who was qualified to be handling drugs. PC Crawford explained the penalties for possession and supply of class A, B and C drugs.

P7R were amazing at asking questions.




May 23, 2019
by Mrs Curry

Police Scotland visit

P7C had an informative visit from PC Crawford exploring drugs. The children began by working in groups to work out the definition of a drug.
They continued to learn about laws and penalties, categories and the main effects of drugs.

We have been learning about drugs, including illegal drugs, prescribed drugs and the effects on drugs. It was interesting when we learnt about the hallucination effect of drugs but I felt sorry for those people under hallucinations. Niamh

We have had an educational session about drugs with pc Crawford! It has taught us about loads of drugs, including illegal drugs, prescribed drugs and over the counter drugs. We have also learnt the effects of the ilegal drugs. Jake B

Today we were learning about drugs. He has taught us all about different drugs and how dangerous they can be. I found it really interesting. Oliver

PC Crawford gave us a really inspiring talk on drugs and it made me more aware about how to use them and the consequences if you do use them. Now I know to always read the labels of sprays and deodorants and to not use them in small unventilated rooms. Ethan C


May 19, 2019
by Mrs Rough

Visit from Andrew Bowie MP

On Friday P6R had the opportunity to quiz the Right Honourable Andrew Bowie, our local MP.  He came to visit us in response to our letters about government action on climate change.  The children asked brilliant, thoughtful questions ranging from Brexit, to Climate Change to favourite colours!  We learnt lots about democracy and our political system.

May 17, 2019
by Mrs Grahamslaw

Outdoor Learning

P4/5 have been learning in the woods. We have been looking and listening in the woods,  measuring trees, identifying different colours, thinking about textures in the woods, coming up with descriptive language,  building dens and thinking about the creatures of the woods. Thank you to our parent helpers who make our Outdoor Learning possible.    

May 9, 2019
by Mrs Read

P7 Academy Science Day

P7 are having an amazing day exploring physics, chemistry and  biology. They are carrying out experiments and investigations involving forces, food and fuels.  They are enjoying meeting p7s from other cluster schools.

May 7, 2019
by Miss Fry

P2M and P2L sponsored walk

P2M and P2L did their sponsored walk along the Old Railway Line today. The children did very well to make it all the way to the level crossing. Thank you for all your support with sponsorship. The money raised will buy flowers for the railway platform at Milton of Crathes. The trains are run by volunteers and they greatly appreciate our help with making the platform look beautiful for summer visitors. We will plant the flowers during our trip there next week.


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