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Time to get Squishy with Electricity!

In P1, we started using squishy circuits. Mr.Mutch made some conductor playdough because it had to be kneaded when it was hot but we worked as a team to make some insulator playdough in school.

A conductor allows electricity to pass through.

An insulator stops electricity from passing through.

We learned about the flow of electricity, we had to make sure that the electrons could return home to the battery and also go through the L.E.D we wanted to light up.

We used different components and explored how they worked, including a fan, switch and a buzzer.

We were then tasked to be creative and make a squishy creature that could light up.  We made an octopus, snowmen and a dinosaur.

We had great fun.



On the Lookout for Electricity!

Primary 1 went for a walk around the village of Methlick. We were looking for things that used power.

We found many examples and we took some photos to share with you all.

It turns out that many things use power in Methlick because we were pointing so many different things out.

However, we were left with one big question… Where does all this power come from? 

Electricity mind map

here’s my mind map and I hope that you like it

Here are all the things that I know about Electricity

1. electricity is very dangerous in the wrong hands

2. Electricity can be fun in phone’s and all electronics

3. Here is  all the words I know about electricity watts vaults power voltage static Ions gas battery national electrical