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Time to get Squishy with Electricity!

In P1, we started using squishy circuits. Mr.Mutch made some conductor playdough because it had to be kneaded when it was hot but we worked as a team to make some insulator playdough in school.

A conductor allows electricity to pass through.

An insulator stops electricity from passing through.

We learned about the flow of electricity, we had to make sure that the electrons could return home to the battery and also go through the L.E.D we wanted to light up.

We used different components and explored how they worked, including a fan, switch and a buzzer.

We were then tasked to be creative and make a squishy creature that could light up.  We made an octopus, snowmen and a dinosaur.

We had great fun.



Ahoy There Squishy Circuits

Once we have learned about our stars lighting up we then moved on to making something with a BEEP BEEP noise.

We created tugboats that beeped and buzzed zzzzzzzz


We had to make sure we put the black and red wires into the right places. sometimes it took more than one try to do and thats OK!


Copper tape circuits!

Group orange have made a copper tape circuit, first we got out our battery and we opened it up and put batteries inside it. Next we peeled copper tape off and stuck it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the the led metal  legs. And then we sellotaped the metal legs down,  then we sellotaped the metal wires. Also we switched the on button and it did not work the first time but then we tried again and it turned on.  Finally someone from our group drew a diagram of our circuit!!!