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March 5, 2019
by Mrs Maclean

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our school blog. This online space will help us to share our learning with parents, carers and the wider world and will contain weblinks to support learning. Much of the content will be created by the pupils themselves, as they develop their digital skills and learn about staying safe online. We hope you enjoy finding out about what we get up to in school. Please check back often and leave us a comment.

October 15, 2021
by Maddalena

Street Child- our book

This is art work of the work house.


This is drawings of Mr Spink and Rosie from the book.


This is our ideas for what will happen in the next  chapter of the story.



This is our non chronological report. We read a book called Street Child and we learned about kids in Victorian times and what they had to live like and how they were treated and what work houses were.



October 15, 2021
by Julia Zuzanna

Our novel study Street Child

By Julia and Lucian

what did we learn? We learnt how life was in the Victorian era and how rare it was to have a lot of money.

Favourite part? Lucians favourite part was when Rosie’s grandad found Jim and Julia’s favourite part was when Jim escaped the work house.

What surprised me about this topic? It surprised me because it wasn’t how I though the book would end.

Me and Lucian rate the book a 7/10. We would recommend the book to people who like to read long books.

May 14, 2021
by Lewis Derek

What i learned on scratch

I learned a lot on scratch like the basics of coding and other stuff it’s really interesting. I’m gonna make another story about two people who meet and go to a cinema and realise there both  car enthusiasts with animation and the lot! But more from me soon byeeeeeeeee

March 4, 2021
by Victor Dudkowski


     The Boy Who Needed love               


One day a boy went to the circus, and got a Brown balloon. His parents were anxious because whenever someone tried to be kind to him, he kicked them. but this time he never did his parents were always at work and never spending time with him so he just felt sad that other people were kind to him and not his parents. his babysitters said that he was frightening child and needed more love. His parents didn’t notice until they went to the circus. The boy was happy his parents were spending time with him so he forgot about it.    



                     THE END    

February 19, 2021
by Victor Dudkowski


My name is Tom and my brother is called Zak. 

He felt really ill all the time compared to me, I have never ever been sick. We are totally different It all started when we were 6, and it was our first day at school I was excited and was ready he on the other hand was not.  

When we entered class, he said to me that he started to feel very ill and needed to go to the bathroom. We were both P1 and didn’t know we had to ask. To go so we ran out of class to go to the bathroom.  

December 16, 2020
by Julia Zuzanna

Why I like Christmas

I like Christmas because you get too meet up with your family and have a lovely dinner.  I also like going to Poland and having a great time!

I love eating the food it is amazing. I also like waiting for santa to come to get my presents.

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