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March 5, 2019
by Mrs Maclean

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our school blog. This online space will help us to share our learning with parents, carers and the wider world and will contain weblinks to support learning. Much of the content will be created by the pupils themselves, as they develop their digital skills and learn about staying safe online. We hope you enjoy finding out about what we get up to in school. Please check back often and leave us a comment.

September 18, 2020
by Maya Dudkowska

Braemar School blog Interview

Name                      achieve                                    what you are proud of              Did anyone help you

Lucas             Tricks on  the trampoline            Because he had fun                     Did it on his own

Alexis              cracked eggs in pan                       because never done it before   Did it on my own

Maya             doing 200 skips on a skipping rope      because never done it before     did it on my own

Peter            I climbed a tree                                because its fun                                     did on my own


By Maya and Alexis

September 18, 2020
by Maddalena


Robert Alex Cassie and Maddalena have wrote some achievements Robert is getting better at running and drawing. Maddalena can do a flip on rope, same as Cassie. Alex is better at drawing and coloring,math,violin,climbing on a optical course and Cassie better at writing and better at maths. Maddalena got better at typing and is better at tennis and badminton and Cassie is better at dancing .

By Cassie and Maddalena

September 18, 2020
by Olivia

Our achievements

Ivy one of our P1’s aged 5 said her achievement this week was whistling. She has a twin  brother and she was very happy she managed to learn to whistle before him.

Kayleigh one of our P3’s aged 7 learnt how to do a cartwheel she was trying since she was 3 years old. She said she was happy and shocked. She would like to learn how to do a somersault and also like to stand on her hands for 10 minutes and cartwheel off.

Sophie P4 aged 8 manged to do a flip on her trampoline and she felt happy.

Olivia P7 aged 11 learnt how to paint her nails with gel nail polish she was very happy. The first time it peeled of so she was resilient and tried again

by Sophie and Olivia

September 18, 2020
by NI Luh Abigail Elizabeth
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Our Achievements

Eilidh’s achievement this week is she can control her temper .It made her very happy. dad helped

Jamie’s achievement this week is he can do a spin jump. It made him feel happy.

Sebastian’s achievement this week is being able to flip on the  ropes and getting better at swimming and holding my breath under water it made him very happy. Alex helped him

Abigail’s achievement this week is getting better at using my tablet it made me feel happy dad helped her.

BY Eilidh and Abigail

September 18, 2020
by Robin Macintyre
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Harris and Ella’s achievements

Harris has learnt to do a flip on the ropes out in the school playground without any help to achieve it. 

Ella has learnt to type in a word document, and she did need some help from the teacher and her friends.

I am Robin and I have written this my achievement is I can now ride my bike with clip in pedals without falling off I didn’t need any help to achieve this. 

September 18, 2020
by Jack Smith


Braidan Felt happy when he achieved Better Language And his Helper was Andrew .

Andrew make a den And he felt happy and his helper was Lucas.

Jacks achievment was playing a computer game and he felt amazed and excited.

Chloes achievment doing plaits and she felt happy.

September 18, 2020
by Julia Zuzanna
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Our achievements

David can stand on his head for 60 sec it made him feel  happy .

Helen can do flips on the rope, it made her feel very proud .

Julia can do gymnastics. It was scary but fun I was proud after.

Christian is getting better at maths I was happy and doing hard questions.

By Julia & Christian

April 25, 2020
by Mrs Maclean

Staying Active

We have had some lovely weather the last few weeks and that’s certainly helped lots of you get outside for your daily activity. Here are some ideas for activities to try at home if the weather isn’t so great, with materials which are readily available.

Remember, Early Level is generally Nursery and Primary 1, First Level is Primary 2 to Primary 4 and Second Level is usually Primary 5 to Primary 7. Let us know in the comments if you try any of the suggestions.

The first resource was produced by the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education. (Some of the activities are not suitable for our current lockdown situation, as they were produced for Home Learning under normal conditions. )

As always, for any of these resources, make sure that you warm up correctly, choose a task within your own fitness level and are working in a safe space.


The second set of resources were created by the Youth Sport Trust. Let us know in the comments if you try any of the challenges.

This final set are fun activities gathered from various places- remember to check with an adult before trying any of the activities- especially Couch Island. 🙂





April 5, 2020
by Mrs Maclean

Easter Holiday Fun

Here are a few suggestions of activities to keep you busy over the holidays. I will continue to add to it as I come across new ideas. Please let us know what you try, by leaving us a comment on here or posting to Seesaw.

STEM Challenges

Click here for 44 science, technology and engineering challenges.

Creative ideas for iPads

Here are some great activities for iPad or iPhone users.


The Great Indoors

A growing collection of fantastic activities from The Scout Association, click here to access.

Drawing ideas


Lego Challenge, No Tech Challenge and Photo Challenge

A challenge a day to keep you busy for a whole month.




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