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Banchory Academy Ask for Help form

Do you want some help?

Do you ever want to report something that is going on in school but you don’t want any one to know that you have told on them?

Do you ever have something on your mind that you would like to speak to your guidance teacher about but you are a wee bit scared to go into guidance and ask for them?

Do you ever think that school staff are really busy and you are worried about disturbing them?

Are you worried about a friend and want someone to help them?

One of the ways you can ask for help is to click this link or scan the QR Code below to visit our ‘I would like some help’ form.

It will take you to form to complete and someone will be in touch with you . The form asks you to give a bit of information about what is bothering you and you can tick a box to say what you would like to happen next.

The form can be filled in from school or from home.


Please note that this service is for Pupils only. 

If you have a general query in relations to this site then please visit our contact page.

If you are a parent looking for help, please contact the school office or your child’s guidance teacher to discuss.