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Mental Health Champions Foundation Programme

Mental Health Champions Foundation Programme

Free course from Place2B for qualified teachers. 

An online children’s mental health training course developed from our work in schools, enhances professionals’ understanding of children’s mental health and introduces approaches that foster positive wellbeing in schools and communities.

Course details

  • You will have a dedicated Place2Be professional to join discussions and aid online learning
  • 5-week programme with regular start dates for you to choose from
  • Broken down into 15 minute sections to fit around your day (1–1.5 hours per week total)
  • No fixed timings – you can access the programme via any device and work through it at a time to suit you
  • Helps support your own wellbeing

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Mental and Emotional Health in Schools

Mental and Emotional Health in Schools

Effective Strategies and Support

This eLearning course can be completed on an individual or group basis – it also has activities and reflection opportunities that can be used as part of an INSET. The course takes between 45 – 90 to complete. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise and respond to signs of poor mental health
  • Understand boundaries and professional responsibilities
  • Understand the importance of following safeguarding procedures
  • Have strategies to support heir own and other’s emotional health

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Information on Mental Health Needs

Mental Health Needs Information

Information on mental health needs of children or young people who have already become mentally unwell, or are on the threshold of being mentally unwell.

It includes information on the different conditions that might affect children and young people, the behaviours that school staff might see that could indicate a student is struggling, and the strategies that school staff can employ to support them.

There are sections on Anxiety, Attachment and Child Development, Bereavement and Grief, Challenging Behaviours, Eating Disorders, Low Mood and Depression, Suicidal feelings and thoughts, Obsessive-compulsive behaviour, Overactivity and poor concentration, Self-harm and Trauma.

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Suicide Prevention

Online training for staff on suicide prevention

This online training takes around 20 minutes to complete and offers insights into suicide along with three simple steps to support someone who is at risk. It includes: what you might see, what you might say, and where you can signpost to.

This training is useful for school staff to complete and can also pass it on to parents and carers.

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